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Have a traditional, no cost Christmas then smiley - winkeye


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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

Ah, the advantages to not doing Christmas.

TRiG.smiley - winkeye


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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

smiley - ok

By North American standards I save about $1500 per annum.
Calm down. I said annum.

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And c'mon now I thought you were Irish
because I thought you were in Ireland.
According to my stereotype files you
should be lashing out on drinks for
the entire town.
smiley - pggb
Y'sure there's not a bit o the Scot inya?

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I always find you amusing Pastey, because the more serious and earnest you are, the quieter and more mumble-y you get. smiley - smiley

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Post 165

Rudest Elf

"I think the most obvious difference between Aussie and New Zealand is the pronunciation of the letter "i": in NZ, big becomes bug."

On the other hand......... Aussies go for "six", whilst smiley - smiley , unable to do that smiley - winkeye , Kiwis go for "sex".

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paulh, vaccinated against the Omigod Variant

Audrey Hepburn's Eliza Dolittle did not thrill me the way Julie Andrews' did. But remember that I was around 12 at the time I discovered that great Original Cast recording. It was a revelation. I could listne to it and imagine whatever I wanted to see in my mind. Then I started seeing Julie's movies, and it only got better and better. By then I was 16 or above.


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turvy (Fetch me my trousers Geoffrey...)

"On the other hand......... Aussies go for "six", whilst , unable to do that , Kiwis go for "sex"."

I suspect that the Aussies go for "six" because that is what the average Aussie bloke takes with him either to soften up his Sheila beforehand or for himself for courage.

t.smiley - winkeye


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And there I was thinking it was a cricket reference smiley - winkeye


Post 169

Heleloo - Red Dragon Incarnate

"On the other hand......... Aussies go for "six", whilst , unable to do that , Kiwis go for "sex"."

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Post 170


Got to repeat my true story.

NZ teacher told me once that she worked is a small school, but ...

"Bugger doesn't nicissarily mean bitter" smiley - winkeye


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paulh, vaccinated against the Omigod Variant

smiley - laughsmiley - laugh

I bet New Zealand is a fun place. smiley - smiley

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