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smiley - snork *aren't*


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Are you looking for more of a chat site or more of a writing site?


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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

She's looking for a clip up the side-o-the-head.
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Didn't even rise to my Queen of Hearts dig.
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Fizzymouse- no place like home

>>I suddenly see we can have all these different things. So we don't need to fight each other. (unless that turns you on ...<<, Effers - 3 hours ago!

Remember the group smiley - hug?

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Baron Grim

So, Effers... linking to the final bloody scene in If... was just "irony", eh?
And then saying "I have a ton to offer this place...but I can't do it via Create...without ripping the crp out of it." How constructive was that?

This thread wasn't about create until you brought it up and threw a fit about it. If you don't like create, don't participate. If you're self motivated, it's not meant for you anyway. I can't help but think that the thing you love best about h2g2 is the drama you create.


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Who's got the ?
Bring it back please, we need it here


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Okay, I think I can see how 'Destory' could work, but I can also see several ways in which it wouldn't.

So, Effers, here's your challenge for today: create 'Destory', make it ironic, make it work, make it a success.

Do all you can to *prove* everyone else wrong, rather than just telling them that they don't "get" it.

If it can work, I would like to see it do so. So show me.



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Icy North

I remember when the Sex Pistols appeared on Top of the Pops, and Johnny Rotten was wearing that "Destroy"-logo T-shirt.

He didn't destroy anything - he replaced it with something that was new, exciting and creative. Punk swept away all the mid-1970s dross easy-listening pop and gave music back to young people again. It breathed new life into it.

If it inspires us to create, then by all means wear the Destroy T-shirt.

But in 30 years, you too will be doing TV ads for Country Life butter.


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Milla, h2g2 Operations

Please please people, stop being snide now?

Effers, I hope you still see that we all can fit in the world of h2g2. And I hope that everyone actually acknowledge that from Effers, and stop taunting her. It won't make the place nicer.

And for the benefit of all who need a smiley (smiley - winkeye would work...) to indicate irony, please everyone do use that! I have a hard time sometimes to see when something is meant as irony or joke, especially when it touches on subjects that have caused disputes in the past.

I actually agree that some things may need a change, and that destroying old fossilised views can lead to new interesting things, but please again, do it in a friendly tone of voice?

This message has been brought to you by a completely hatless and non-official Milla. Thanks for listening.

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RadoxTheGreen - Retired

(sits on wall) I just love how in post 24, Effers starts with 'This will probably be seen as me being destructive again...but too bad because it isn't' and then everyone sees it as exactly that.smiley - laugh

Seriously, settle down children (they'll probably miss the irony there too). Effers, for me, you hit the nail on the head when you said Create is a bit 'Blue Peter'. I've looked in and thought pretty much the same and think I might have mentioned this somewhere before. I think it's because we have so many volunteers who come from teaching backgrounds. There's that natural, well, 'preachy' is far too strong a description for what I was thinking, but it's that sort of thing. I can't really think of a word that describes it. I don't think it's done deliberately, and I don't even think it's done consciously. It's that vocational training that becomes the default position, a bit like how police keep asking questions even when they're off duty.

Way back when, you suggested (Effers, I mean) that h2g2 should have a place where artists could go for arts sake, rather than with any sort of 'means to an end' purpose. I liked that concept then, and I still do now. In all seriousness, I think this is something you should try to build. It would be an enormous asset to h2g2 and be something you could justifiably pride yourself on achieving. smiley - artist


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Malabarista - now with added pony

I do agree that Create is a little too....structured for me. But does that mean you have to be nasty to and about everyone who *is* happier working that way?

Nobody said it was a *substitute* for the way we're building the Guide at the moment, it's just a way to help *everyone* fit in. Isn't that what you want?

So by all means, go colour outside the lines, Effers. smiley - ok


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*Scratches nose* Not that I don't admit there might be a part of me that does automatically grade my friends' emails, Radox, but I am afraid the tone was rather deliberate. I thought I'd said earlier. I'm pleased people can link articfically jolly tone to Blue Peter/ Butlins/ Eddie (well, OK, only I seem to get the Eddie bit) but I have taken on board the fact that this is a mistake.

(Can I indulge my sense of humour one last time though and say how utterly delicious it would be if Create, in its odiousness, inspired the alternative alternative artists' and writers' exhibition space?

In all seriousness, though, I think it'd be interesting and I'd enjoy seeing what others' had contributed there.)


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Ooooh, Mala (*pounce*) is it that you do prefer to work to your own prompts, and that _any_ task wouldn't suit you (not a criticism this is a genuine question, but I'm hoping you know that) or is it that the tasks we've had so far give too much direction? Because I don't wish to make Create fit absolutely everybody's tastes necessarily, because that way madness lies, but I would like to have as wide a range of types of tasks as possible. What kinds of things would get your creative juices flowing?


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Malabarista - now with added pony

To my mind, it's a little too much like those "creativity" sets you used to get as a child that contained stencils and instructions. smiley - laugh But then I'm not a good follower of recipes, either...


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Yes, no, I get that, but _any_ task we could possible set? Or just the ones we've done so far?


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I mean, do you avoid the Post challenges and such too? If not can you point me towards the ones you've enjoyed?


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aka Bel - A87832164

Maybe you could add something like: The above isn't set in stone. If you have an idea for a different approach, please go ahead.


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Because, right, you like doing smileys and pix to illustrate the Guide, yes? So if a challenge were 'provide a picture for this entry', which it could well be, because I think it would be interesting to see what, say, ten different people came up with both in terms of concept and execution, would that be acceptable?

Thing is, inside the 'instruciotns'there might be some advice about how to go about making a picture, from a tecnical pov, but the point is, you wouldn't have to follow them.

In fact, if you look at the entries we've got for the story and poetry tasks right now, you will see that all of them only bear a loose relationship to the actual 'rules' on the original a page. smiley - laugh


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What's the point of rules if you cannot break them?


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(Did that for the journal one, Bel. Everybody ignored that too. smiley - whistlesmiley - laugh )

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