H2G2 London winter meet; Saturday 14 January 2006

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Over the years, h2g2 researchers (people just like you!) have held a number of get-togethers - usually once during the summer and once around Christmas...
and this year will be no exception! It's a great excuse to meet up with fellow h2g2 enthusiasts and have a drink or twelvety - and it'd be great if you could
come along and join us!

To find out what the rampaging researchers have gotten up to before, have a look at A649299.

Who's going to this 'ere party then?

Head over to
Sign me up to the London Winter Meet!
To sign up, and to find out who is attending, go along to
A6169331. Or just turn up on the day itself - it'd be nice to know in advance who's coming, but feel free to just come along on the day itself
if you wish - the more the merrier!

When's It Taking Place?

This year's winter meet will take place on the 14th January, thanks to U107357 for again organising the voting thread and counting up the votes for the date of the meet.

Where's the Meet-Up Happening?

After a unilateral decision two summer meets ago, the

Pendrils Oak
has been shifted aside as the venue for the h2g2 Winter and summer meets. The
last few meet-ups have been held at the

Bell, Book and Candle

pub. However,
in typical fashion the pub has since vanished to be replaced with a small bistro, which in turn has now reverted back to the pub, but under its original

Ye Olde London

The evening event will start from around 6pm, although there's bound to be some early arrivals there from round about 4-ish. We'll almost certainly still
be propping up the bar at closing time, so feel free to come along and join us anytime.

This year we shall be spending the evening in the

Ye Olde London

pub (formally the Bell Book and Candle), in Central London near St Paul's Cathedral.
Nearest tubes are St Pauls and Blackfriars (which is practically on the other side of the road from the pub).

The address is:

Ye Olde London,
42 Ludgate Hill,

Check out the pub's (old) website by clicking here.

Afternoon Activity

There will also be an afternoon activity that older and younger researchers can attend alike.

Is there anything else I need to know?

If you haven't attended a meet-up before or even if you have been to every single one, we have collected a few guidelines
to make sure we all have a safe and happy time.

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