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Finally I got round to making this page up.

Here is a table that contains as many of the suggested names as I could find in the rename
forum. If you put them elsewhere I missed them.

With any luck we can get a new name for the Pub by this time next year
smiley - winkeye

Suggested NameName of Researcher(s)
Fish & FingersU51488
Food & Frolicks
Froods & Fun
First & Foremost
Forum & Fenestella
Forum & Feretory
Forum & Fescennine
Forum & Feu
Forum & Fug
Forum & Famulous
Forum & Fandangle
Forum & Formicate
Forum & Futtock
Forum & Fartlek
Forum & Forum
Forum and Fish
Feline & Froods
Flibant & Fanciful
Fun & Frolics
Feasting & Friendship
Food and Froods
Fluids & Froods
Fluids & Food
Fiddlesticks and Foibles
Flintlock & Farandole
Fettler and Farthingale
Forsooth and Forthwith
Finegann and Friends
Frink and Friends
Forum and Forgetum
Frank and Forum
Fenchurch and Frank
Fenchurch and Forum
Ferret and Forum
Ferret and ForcepsU165416
Phorum and PhirkinU168763
Ford & Fenchurch
Ford & Fiesta
Forum & Flagon
Forum 'n Fuel
Forum & Fodder
Fryingpan & FireU171380
Flintlock and Flatulence
Forum & Firearms
Forever & Forum
Forum & Friends
Festival & Forum
Forum & Fetish
Freehouse & Forum
Forum & Fiveum
Fish & ForumU46241
Forum & Fircone
Ferret and Figgin
First and Foremost
Friend and Foe
Ferret and FruitloopU139239
Fish and Feather
Fun and Frolic
Forum and Forelegs
Forearm and Four Legs
Full & Frank
Fine & Fancy
Fast and Foremast
Fist and Fingerwag
Forum & FlagonU152404
Forum & Finger
Forum & Firlot
Forum & Foop
Foreplay & Furckle
Fanny and Fletcher
Forum and Formerly
Forum and Four Kings
Forum & Facsimile
Forum & FermentU95721
Forum & FoamU62867
Forum & Froth
Forum & Fusel
Funnier & Funnier
Fist & Foot
Fast & Furious
Forum & Finickety
Foot & Foodhole
Now and Again
Fow many FingersU172336
Trans-Galactic BoozitoriumU172505
Filanderer & Filibusterer
Kebab & CalculatorU173848
The Hand ShandyU111050
The Universe and EverythingU173197

Leave your vote in a forum below and I'll add it onto the page1.

This page is brought to you by the power if GuidePost, Cheers MaWsmiley - ok

1When I get round to it.

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