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Researcher 178544

I would like to suggest Hoopy Lift as the new name for the Pub. Hoopy is altogether complete according to The Hitchhikers Guide To he Galaxy, and a Lift is what a Hitchhiker gets when he wants to go somewhere . Likewise it also refers to what he is often in need of when he's trying to figure things out.
Finally when someone asks where you are going the Hitchhiker can simply say ," I am going to a Hoopy Lift." Another Pun!
Oh yes and the first two letters
of the name are also the first two letters of the name of the Pub Ford
took Arthur to before the Earth was
destroyed at the begining of the
Hitchhikers Guiede To The Galaxy ~
Horse And Groom.


Note: He is used as a combination of
he and she. H from begining of he,
and E from the end of she. Hmm she
ends with he. I mean it to mean both
He and She and Whatever .... ]:^{)

Rename Pub

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Researcher 178544

Please note I itentionally misspelled the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy in my posting suggesting HOOPY LIFT as a new name for the Pub as I sought to put a Somebody Else's
Problem field around it in honor
of Douglas Adams.
In some traditions mistakes are made intentionally too drive off
negativity from their work.

HoopyGuy DNA 4FR
Researcher 178544

Rename Pub

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St.Trin 5!/5 + 2 + 7 + 9 = 42

Hi Researcher 178544,

I see you havent started to write your intro on your page, so I couldn't leave you a message.

Just wanted to say Welcome. smiley - smiley

Rename Pub

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Why don't we try --The pub at the end of the internet--
smiley - cheers

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