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Posted: 18th August 2005


The Clip Show Edition

Hello again everyone, and as threatened this issue we bring you only a few new bits but plenty of choice cuts from Posts of years gone by. It wasn't until I started checking out the back issues for potential candidates that I realised what a long and varied history this rough beastie has - you can tell a lot about the way h2g2 has changed over the years from the changes in the Post in that time.

Friends of the Post, and in particular fans of the previous (and I suspect rather more popular) regime, will no doubt be delighted to learn that our beloved editor-in-chief Shazz is on the mend and well on her way back to full health. Our debt to Shazz is of course enormous, but it seems particuarly appropriate this issue to remember another long-time member of the site without whom the Post would be very different (no, it's not me). I refer of course to Vegiman, in many ways the founder of the Post (and editor of the earliest editions). Big up Vegiman!

Anyway, it's back to normal (or whatever passes for it round the Post office these days) for our next issue, due on the 2nd of September. Contributions should be sent to the Post Team email address by midday GMT on the 28th of August, please.

Enjoy this edition of the Post.


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  • 1-2-1

  • How else could we start but with an interview with Shazz herself? From May 2000.

  • Greebo's A-Team

  • And how else could we continue but with another piece of inspired lunacy from the sorely-missed Greebo T Cat? From April 2004.

  • h2g2 Life

  • A classic cartoon from Wowbagger, originally seen in May 2001.

  • Armadillos

  • Funnily enough, an article about armadillos, from December 2000.

  • In Other Words

  • Darth Zaphod holds forth in her inimitable style, first seen in November 2003.

  • Adventures in Cinema

  • We go to Hull and back in the first episode of this surprisingly popular series from January 2002.


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