In the court of Queen 2legs!

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 Kensal Green Catacombs

tyranical rule forever!

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King 2legs of H2G2

 An ice chandelier hanging above an ice table at the Icehotel.

Self Declaired tyranical ruler of H2G2, following the 2005 Summer London meet

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The Kingdom of 2legs

The kingdom is a large dark kingdom stretching across a large landscape of rolling hills, rocky mountains and flat dessolate plains.

In the centre of this land is the castle, the Castle of 2legs Looming large and dark from atop a tall dark granite cliff, the castle contains many rooms and has large grounds and gardens stretching of from its front and sides. The rear of the castle looks over the two thousand foot drop down the dark granite cliff.

Within the heart of the castle is the
Royal Throne room!
From the Royal throne room one can enter into the large
Royal banquet hall

Also from within the Throne room, and just discovered is the hidden enterence to the
Royal Bondage room
And there is a strong suspetion that from within the Bondage room lays a secret trap door which leads down to the depths of the castle into the Royal Dungeons!

Meanwhile, heading out the large oak door and portcullus, and wondering over the badger infested moat can take one to
The Badger house
where more tame badgers than those that roam the surrounding country side, and less feariously trained than those in teh moat can be found.

Meanwhile, deep within the dark recesses of the castle, can be found
The royal War Chambres!
where plotting desception and plans for potental war can be plotte dhatched and fenced off and ring posted.

A vitally important room is also to be found towards the depths of the castle, not far from teh war rooms, and not far from the Royal Dungeons, is the Royal beer cellar

There are hundreds and hundreds of other rooms within the castle to be discovered, including somewhere the kitchens from where the royal culinary extrovangencies are producued before being carried into the banquet hall.

Runes in the Icehotel.

Loyal Subjects!

Current loyal subjects

  • Vizier U230913

  • Keeper of all the kings cash

  • Royal Reminder

  • Provider of Brief Interludes Of Sanity

  • Royal Panda

  • The Keeper of the Tower with the Funny Smell

  • Senses Taker
  • Protector of the royal Walrus
  • The Royal Court Jester!
  • Master of the Royal Whips and Keeper of the fluffy smiley - handcuffsU1330481
  • The Royal Loyal Badger Counter
  • Keeper of the Royal Bread oven
  • Grand Pooh-Bah
  • Keeper of the Royal Coffee Machine and Protectorate of the Royal Biscuits

  • Royal loyal Beer keeper Wine celler manager and general all-round responsibility for procuring keeping an serving alcohol in perfect condition
  • Queen of all the Badger People
  • The Royal Dancer and Royal Male Concubine
  • Royal Bondage Model and Wearer of See-Through Veil-Like Clothes and First Royal Resident Dominatrix
  • Lord High Executioner
  • Master bounty hunter and Heresiarch U200779
  • Prince regent of the
    Badgers and to the poor district of people who cry "BoB" U1919207

  • Bard bringer of fine wine flavoured water that effects the brain and strange sayings that occur at night

 A Roman fresco.

Join with me and save yourself from being beheaded... for the time being
 Executioner poised to chop off m'Lady's head

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All Loyal subjects are rewarded by having the aduration of King 2legs and of all the 'common folk' here abouts smiley - winkeye

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 The famous features of King Henry VIII.smiley - evilgrinsmiley - evilgrin
 Elizabeth Ismiley - evilgrinsmiley - evilgrin
 King Arthur's Round Tablesmiley - evilgrinsmiley - evilgrin
 A scene from La Malade Imaginaire by Moliere depicting a king sitting on his throne<br/>
while still wearing his nightshirt, despite the pleas of his servants to get dressed.smiley - evilgrin
 Picture of a blindfolded man, arms tied and raised above his head, framed in a red circle with a line through<br/>
it ie, 'Stop the Torture'smiley - evilgrinsmiley - evilgrinsmiley - evilgrinsmiley - evilgrin

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