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Posted: 8th January 2008



On Gardening Leave

Welcome back, everyone, and I hope you all had a tremendous Christmas and are set for a fantastic New Year. For my part, my festive break is only half-over. If you read the drivel I put at the top of The Post each issue, you'll probably be aware that I work all over the festive period, and my break usually starts when the guests go home on January 2nd. This year, it was a full ten days, giving me ample time to catch up on some work from my other two jobs and have a bit of a lie down in between.

Unfortunately, I've spoken before about my incredible ability to find something else to do instead of getting on with things. So after a couple of days relaxing, I decided to try to design a hot air balloon, then turned my attention to an ambitious project to redesign my garden. When I say 'ambitious', I really do mean that; I've set myself a good fortnight's worth of work, which would never fit into the eight days I had left. And today, exactly halfway through the eight days of 'sorting things out' that I left myself, I started getting the phone calls and messages politely indicating that people would like to see some work at some point.

This is not good, because you'll note that I'm also currently four days through a fourteen-day gardening project – you can picture the state by imagining the worst state a garden could ever possibly be, then throwing a few hand grenades into it – and Lainey has the weekend off, which means I only really have two days. And I haven't got this balloon to fly yet, either.

Still, it's a New Year, and we have a wonderful issue in store for you. The results of our Christmas Competitions are in (see below) and we have new badges for Jhawkesby, Shagbark, TB Falsename and h5ringer. Additional congratulations to h5ringer, whose popular 'Musical Notes' column has become an official Regular this issue. We need you to get involved, too; Entry of the Month returns in this issue, so we need your votes, and the competitors in the new Stretcher competition are unveiled in this issue, too. We've also decided to turn the Acrostic Poems into a regular challenge, so if you're poetically minded don't miss the Acrostics in this issue.

Deadline for the next issue is 18th January 2009 – 2009! – we'll see you then!






Thank you so much to everyone who took part. The voting was extremely close in every section, and the sheer number of votes cast shows how much all your efforts were appreciated. Without further ado, here are the winners, to whom we extend our heartiest congratulations:

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