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The thirty-fifth page of Past Issue links with a brief description of some, but by no means all,
the excellent articles featured.

  • 25.09.08

    A superb issue this week, with the team earning their stripes by going out and finding a large number of worthy pieces from around the site. SWL, broelan and LLWaz are among the writers of some superb pieces found by the team. We appear to be saying goodbye to a few Regulars, but more are coming along – a new webcomic, Anarchy Gordon, begins, and h5ringer offers the first part of a new musical column.

  • 09.10.08

    Another hugely varied issue this week, and all the Regulars who decided to depart in the last issue have been welcomed back. The exception is Mu Beta, who has given over the reins of his baby, Entry of the Month, to Icy North. The Regulars themselves are notable this week, covering a range of subjects from food and gardening to astronomy and creationism. Elsewhere, the likes of Pinniped, Malabarista and TRiG make this an essential read, and there's even space for a competition challenge from Psycorp.

  • 23.10.08

    It's Halloween! Well, nearly. Anyway. It's Halloween! and our contributors have pulled out all the stops to celebrate in style. There are a number of Halloween stories and poems; Websailor also has an encounter with a badger, Nigel goes pumpkin-crazy, and Galaxy Babe terrifies us with some scary star formations. Undoubtedly the most impressive contribution comes from Clive the Flying Ostrich, whose pumpkin carvings grace the Front Page banner and a number of the articles. And on the basis of those pumpkins...

  • 06.11.08

    ...Clive was invited to a Halloween party at the Editor's house and, much to the surprise of them both, accepted. Yes, they were that good. A still-bemused Skankyrich takes up the story in the Editorial. This is yet another terrific issue – The Post appears to be going places, if we say so ourselves – and the team are certainly being kept busy. It's time for the final part of Whatever Next, the random-writing serial, we have the entries for Psycorp's 42-Word Story competition (including a huge number from the effervescent Tibley Bobley) and there's a unique opportunity to view the Bean-Cam.

  • 20.11.08

    This is The Post at its very best and, with the possible exception of the birthday issue, is the one that you should check out above all others in this collection of back issues. There are some really classy pieces here, and if you doubt that check out the sheer diversity of pieces such as Ianhimself's 'Pulses', Galigan's 'You're Beautiful', PedanticBarSteward's 'North African Rant' and benjaminpmoore's 'In defence of the F-Word'. Unmissable.

  • 04.12.08 – smiley - bubbly Happy Birthday to The Post! smiley - bubbly

    To date, this is the biggest issue The Post has ever produced – an exhausting 50 articles are run in this issue. It's fairly astonishing stuff. We revive the old 1-2-1 column and interview Antelia, the Post Ed is interviewed by Mr Inquisitor, Icy North works out what else we could have done in nine years and Post regulars old and new pick out their Top Nine Post Moments. We also have just about every one of our regular and Regular contributors chipping in with something to celebrate the occasion, and there's even time for some new stuff with Phred's new travelogue and The Stretcher both getting underway. We could go on, but we'll just say this: well done, and thank you, one and all.

  • 18.12.08

    It's a very merry Christmas from everyone at The Post, and our writers have once again made this festive issue wonderful. There has been a great response to our Christmas competitions, with a particularly strong showing from the acrostic poets. There's also a good selection of Christmas cartoons, some festive fun from Shazz, handy advice from Reefgirl and some of our best Regulars have contributed excellent seasonal pieces as well. What a fantastic way to finish the year.

  • 08.01.09

    By our current standards, this is a fairly quiet issue, and the Post Team are glad of the rest! It's an issue high in quality, though, and there's plenty of opportunity for back-slapping as no less than four new Post Reporter badges are awarded, and PBS, Icy and Beatrice are declared the winners of our Christmas competitions. The acrostic poems are made into a regular challenge, and we meet the contestants in The Stretcher – the first challenge is set this week.

  • 22.01.09

    The Stretcher has been discussed all over the place over the last fortnight, and at last the nervous contestants get to hear the judges' views. Phred continues his caravan journey across the States, B'Elana wanders the site, and Beatrice dances her way through a new challenge. We have a couple of interesting responses to Talking Points, a new sports column and some handy advice from the Common Sense Toad. Our Regulars are picking up, too, with Gnomon's thoughts on Orlando, Galaxy Babe looking forward to the Year of Astronomy and a return for Demon Drawer's popular 45 Words column.

  • 05.02.09

    Hard to believe, but this is the 350th edition of The Post! TonsilRevenge has his 180th cartoon published, and The Thinker gets her Post Reporter badge. There's the first episode of Firestorm, a fantastic aviated collaboration from Terran and 2legs, and Tibley Bobley tells a charming tale in Jack in the Green. Gnomon continues his Orlando reports with a piece on the Kennedy Space Center, whilst h5ringer starts a desert island style record collection. Meanwhile, the Stretcher contestants have another challenge, and this time it's poetry.

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