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Sickly Come Dancing!

by Beatrice

And now, Megabrantis Broadcasting Corporation brings you the final of this year's Sickly Come Dancing, so lets join our hosts Terry Vogon and Claudia Wrinklenose : dancing to Are we Vogon or are we dancers?, would tonight's finalists Chon Sorchont and his partner Chobrend please take to the floor!

Slimy slide to the left,

Wormy wriggle to the right,

Heavy bellies jostling,

Oh, what a glunctious sight!

A heavy jump and kick, just like

In Saturday Night Fever,

Shimmy down and up again

Don't want to be the leaver.

A toothless grin to judges' bench

The drool swaying in rhythm.

Back to back we do The Bump,

That really oughta kill 'em!

We spin around and leave a trail

Of goo all green and brown.

Attempt the splits, but only rip

The sequinned evening gown!

Raise both arms high up in the air

Aromas waft so nutty,

One thought alone crosses the mind

'Did I remove that putty?'

Oh, judges fair with tongues so sharp,

Please don't give me a fright.

I hope you like my posturing,

My Vogue on Saturday night.

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