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Upcoming and Proposed Meets

Unofficial Spring Meet 2005

The date for the unofficial Spring Meet 2005 in Blackpool has also been set: 1-4 April 2005.
Spring Meet 2005

The 2005 Cork meet

The general plan for 9 April so far is to imbibe large quantities of Murphy's. Add your suggestions at Cork Meet.

Nordic Meet

The Nordic researchers are planning a meet in Copenhagen, Denmark on 23 April 2005. Possible activities are currently being discussed at Nordic Meet.

London Summer Meet 2005

The voting for a possible date for the London Meet has been closed, but the date has not yet been set. Read more about the meet at London Summer Meet.


Who was Douglas Adams? He created this site yet he doesn't really feature in our Edited Guide. Can you help us write the definitive entry about the man who created The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and then remade it in every medium in existence? That's our brand new Topic of the Week.


If you, like many members of h2g2, are concerned about the imminent closure of Get Writing, scheduled to take place on March 24th, then you may find a transcript of a recent discussion on Radio 4's Feedback programme of interest. If you feel strongly about the decisions made regarding our sister site then join the many campaigning for its reprieve over at Keep GetWriting Open.


Having found that there is a considerable amount of talent in Hootoo-land, U205935 has opened Gallery 42: The H2G2 Members' Art Gallery, an online art gallery for h2g2 artists.


New Clubs

Was your New Year resolution to quit smoking? Or are you still thinking about it? Come to The Quitters' Clinic to get and give support, exchange ideas and meet others in the same situation.


Fed up of looking through guilds where no one has posted for years? Well we have the answer, C.H.E.E.S.E.'s promise is that we will be online every day, or you get a free frog to lick!


Is Life Boring You? Want to meet new people, visit places unseen, earn a sense of comradeship and eat lots of smiley - ? Join the SMP - the
Socialist Meritocracy Party
, where everyone can become equal without the problems of Communism!


Do you have difficulties with pirates? Are you unsure of the correct way to badger a badger or clean a polecat? Is your life unfulfilled and void of helpful advice? If the answer to any of these questions is ?yes? then... Ask Mr. Dreadful, H2G2's one and only Agony Pirate.


Gardeners' Guild is a new club for all the green-fingered hitchhikers among us. Whether you have acres of land or an apartment balcony, or even just a few potplants dumped on a shelf in your room, feel free to jump aboard. The guild is tenderly nurtured by U891566.


Are you forming a new club? Why not pop over to the Classified Ads and let us know!



The Post Links Page points you towards the best of h2g2. Everything from information and campaigns to eating and drinking venues, virtual lands or clubs.

The Post Archives are a repository for all things Post related. Divided into easy-to-use categories, they get bigger at a frightening pace. Well worth a visit, whether to re-read a favourite article or catch up on something you missed.


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