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marvthegrate LtG KEA

[MTG just done compiling notes for Lil]

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Titania (gone for lunch)

Spice seems very appropriate for you, Wolfgang!smiley - winkeye

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Wolfgang and Houndstooth

This one is for Hyp

Stalking out of the terrain, wielding a jeweled meat hammer, cometh Smellfungus! And she gives a mighty grunt:

"I'm going to contort you faster than the speed of sound, and hijack your momma's airplane!!"

smiley - chef

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Montana Redhead (now with letters)

Somehow, that seems appropriate.

Ah, well.

Did I mention that libraries tend to be the most confusing things? I had to go find hard copies --hard copies, in this day and age! --of articles for a professor. My goodness, but they're a pain in the butt to go find in the library. Whoever invented automated sliding shelving should be shot.

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A confusing library? All Right! smiley - winkeye It's what we live for.

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Santragenius V

[SG V]So the sliding shelf people should be "a bunch of mindless jerks who were the first against the wall when the revolution came" ??? smiley - laugh

smiley - goodluck with the non-date, B smiley - smiley

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Ahhh but there's something nice about finding hard copies in an old style library. It's much more of an achivement than when you download a pdf. Mind you I've not looked up a paper paper for well, about three years.

There's a dramatisation of 9/11 on TV at the moment from the hijackers point of view.

He was 21 when he joined the Al Queda - the same age as I was when I joined the SWP, angry with the world, and trying to prove himself. I know what he did was wrong according to my view of morality. But I can understand why he did it.

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Asteroid Lil - Offstage Presence

I'm watching Hurricane Frances approach Florida, and feeling worried for friends.

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Some eejit on the radio recently was banging on about how it was 'immoral' to try to understand why terrorists terrorised. Personally I can't think of anything more moral to do - try to find out why, stop the process before anyone gets hurt. But htis eejit was under the impression that if you for once saw that the terrorist in question was a tired, frightened, messed-up and very angry human being you would, I don't know, become one too? Bite your MP's legs off?


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My mom's in the path of the hurricane. I just got off the phone with her, she sounds oK, and confident. She's going to stay at the school she works at, which is built to withstand 120 mph winds, which is actually what they're expecting. I wish I'd realized and thought about this earlier, I should have gone down there. I'll probably be going down there soon.

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Mrs Zen

Well I can think of worse fates for MPs, but I am not voulunteering to do any biting. I do occasionally find myself wondering about Alan Clark though - surely he was a man who knew where to bite and where not to.

The non-date was as expected. Unfortunately because I was not that interested I was fairly subdued and unforthcoming, which a Scorpio would interpret as apprpriate reserve. My attempt to bore him with my current reading matter (Deke Slayton's autobiography and the Mercury missions) probably came across as 'intelligent with varied interests'. He asked for a second date, (the first time that has happened), and I declined on the basis that I really *am* afraid of Scorpios.

Hopefully he will write me off as flaky.

I am glad I don't live in Florida. Wind is another thing that scares me.


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I've finished my rather dull project on antibiotic prescribing smiley - biggrin

Now I'm off to a folk festival tomorrow, haven't packed yet (smiley - yikes) and have to be on a the 6.25 tomorrow morning.

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I'm not sure I should ask...but *why* are you afraid of Scorpios, Ben?

::settles in for what could potentially be an interesting tale::

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Mrs Zen

Well I am as Aries as it is possible to be. What you see is what you get. Love excitement and drama. Live in the moment. Yesterday don't matter if it's gone. Noisy, energetic and greedy for experience. (You may not have noticed any of this of course, being subdued and subtle as I am, online. smiley - winkeye)

Scorps on the other hand are all on the inside. You can't read 'em. They see no reason to tell you what they are thinking, and jeeze do those guys think. They never ever *ever* forget a faux pas. If revenge is a dish best served cold they can eat sushi in the antarctic.

Nothing wrong with any of that; for the general run of things Scorps are much easier to deal with than Aries, who tend to be a wee bit on the bossy side and who can be a bit loud at times.

But I simply cannot deal with that degree of inscrutability combined with a long memory. As I said, I find it scary.

Ben smiley - sheep

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Out of sheer curiosity, what's your analysis of a Pisces?

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dave, I hope your mom stays safe. CNN just said that Francis was supposed to have 145 mph winds. The storm cell is the size of Texas, for Pete's sake. smiley - yikes I just can't imagine trying to ride something like that out. I am a confirmed coward. I would be packing to leave.

Whatever happened to our onsite astrologer? Can't remember his name even. I think Ti got a reading from him. I dropped by his page and left a message and a bit about myself and never heard back from him. Mystical Merlin or something like that.

I am a Taurus and F is a Virgo. Someone told me once that we're a good combination. I really don't know anything about astrology....except that the books get stolen.

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dElaphant (and Zeppo his dog (and Gummo, Zeppos dog)) - Left my apostrophes at the BBC

"I'm going to hack into your brain, and type rm -rf * !"
smiley - laugh That's the best one yet.

Is it my imagination, or are there more hurricanes than usual this year?
smiley - dog

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Three in two weeks is a bit much. I heard a guy on the science channel say that our global weather patterns have been unusually benign for hundreds of years and that really bad weather is bound to come back soon.

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Montana Redhead (now with letters)

And while you're at it, Ben, a virgo? I mean, I am a gemini with gemini rising...I'm about as dual personality as you can get (which the BF is discovering). I don't stay at one thing, which I know can drive some people nuts (FG and I could never be long term roommates...my bouncing, methinks, would make her crazy). I don't know bupkis about virgos, though. Any good sites/books that someone can recommend?

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