H2G2 policitcal party (political would be correct)

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Just to releave everybody from the bad or worst choise

at any election we would like to present you our
H2G2 policitcal party

    Teach your children well

  1. Free smiley - towels, smiley - sporks, smiley - nighthoover

  2. School textbooks go through the same accountability and peer review processes

  3. Better protection for endangered species!

  4. EVERYONE gets internet access

    on broadband....

  5. Bring in laws of responsibility of the individual

  6. Parenting licences

  7. Votes for people, referenda, on major decisions that affect everyone

  8. Keeping hospital's open (taking care everybody can get any social care without being dependend on public transport)

    Medical, social care, accessable for everyone

  9. Libraries, including computer access, accessable for everyone

  10. Public transport (trains in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mozambique)

  11. Paying grandparents for childcare

  12. Companies are responcible "to produce without leaving anything else then their products"

    They have to recycle their waste products into somthing usefull or completely neutral to the environment. (including energy)

  13. Buildings are to be constructed with maximum insulation. Seperated water consumption and drainage systems. Maximum use of solar heat and wind cooling (environmentally dependend preference).

  14. Clean our hospitals properly. smiley - doctorsmiley - nurse

  15. Bring back common sense smiley - huhsmiley - silly

  16. Teach English properly in schools, especially spelling smiley - geek <?>

  17. Make punishments fit the crime. smiley - handcuffs <?>

  18. Improve public transport smiley - bus

  19. More protection for wildlife and wild spaces smiley - bluebutterfly

  20. Pay proper Pensions so that pensioners don't need to ask for handouts!smiley - 2cents

  21. Cut Bank and Card charges, restrict lending smiley - thief

  22. Pay the people more, who EARN their money smiley - doctorsmiley - nurse <?>

  23. Re-write the Emergency booklet smiley - booksmiley - roflsmiley - steam <?>

  24. Yearly performance review for all government agencies.

    Continuous assessment systems for officials.
  25. [email protected]_'-' sneaking around

  26. Get rid of all the politically correct nonsense smiley - injured

  27. Bring Health and Safety issues back to a sensible level and tighten up on compensations laws. smiley - bruised

  28. Banishing useless business jargon

  29. We should bring back dog liciences... well not just for dogs but for other animals too smiley - dogsmiley - catsmiley - ponysmiley - llama

    (pet dropping hoover licence)

  30. Continuous assessment systems for students.

  31. Periodical technical checkup for towed car accesoires. (MOT for caravans ?)

  32. Licences for all road users

  33. Efficient use of dedicated public transport freeways.

  34. More bicycle paths (and secure parking place) to at least create the option of taking the bicycle.

  35. Enviroment - lets stop the monopoly by the oil companies and get eco-friendly cars into play.

  36. All vehicles should have the same speed limit for the same road

  37. Company wide public earning information smiley - 2cents

  38. A "pay as you throw" system, where recycling is free, but trash collection costs by the bag. It would make people think about what they pitched.

  • Parenting = people just need to pass the physical and phychological test
    Parental responsibility

  • Responsibility = A person is killed by a driver and a lot are recieving jail sentence

    However that person is responsible for the loss of life, where is the accountability and responsibility to somehow make justice for that life's loss?

    Personal replacement of deseased?

    Financial support from car manufacturer

  • Votes = A vote put a person in power but then that person can do with that power what they want without accountability till the next election. This is being considored for the EU euro referendem but what about other magor decisions? For example (sorry to use again) Iraq... going to war against another country is a magor decision I think and not one person on the street had a choice in it

  • Product responsibility:

    Manufacturers have to concider their customers have no idea what they are to be presented with. They have to write instructions for every silly step or side effect using their products and services can bring.

  • Teach your children well

    No one is born a bigot- hatred is learned. If we can get it into kids' heads when they're young that we're all human beings, all equal though not with the same abilities and failings, ethnic, religious, gender, and racial hatred will disappear.

  • Enviroment - lets stop the monopoly by the oil companies and get eco-friendly cars into play. Solar power, though reducing car speeds (and probably cutting road deaths) is clean and efficent and availble for use today... Not used because oil companies and goverments are making to much money from it....

  • If someone is promoted/demoted, that will be mentioned (eg Mr. Murphy earned E600 per week as a programmer for the first four months, then got promoted and now earns E700 per week as an executive programmer).

    In case of fluctuating income, it is OK to publish the average earnings of that employee.

    For salespeople, their basic salary will be noted as seperate from their average earned...earnings.

    If the company works with any freelancers or contractors, they will publish what they paid to them and how in a seperate thing.

    Sure, this would take quite a bit of paper, but I guess that most of it could be recycled when people are finished.

  • Faith in Politics


  • Candidate for ministery of health:

    Offering military precision in health care.

    1. U536740

    2. . .


    1. . .

  • Candidate for President:

    Who's rock solid in judgement and never casts a stone?

    -- Makes government move quicker then glaciation

    -- Techtonic in her ideas.

    1. U247279
    2. U228046

    3. . .


    1. . .

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