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You've stumbled, possibly by accident (in which case welcome), possibly deliberately (in which case hope you've come to the right place) along to M2M2 - the h2g2 area that celebrates the fact that relationships can be M(ale) to M(ale), too! And of course F2F2. Not to mention M2M2F2M2F of course!

M2M2 was set up by Tony a few years ago and once upon a time thrived, both while he ran it himself and when some other people (Cupid Stunt and Steve) were in charge. Unfortunately, it fell into a state of disuse. With any luck, this is about to change! When Tony first gave the site over to Cupid and Steve, he left these instructions: "So yeah, don't keep it warm, drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century!!!" Although they've become otherwise occupied, I still reckon that's a task worth doing! If anyone has any suggestions as to what should be done with the place PLEASE feel free to use the suggestion box below.


This page is intended to celebrate diversity in whom we love, have sex with, and choose to spend our lives with!

... and you're in good company

With 99,000 researchers at the latest official count, statistics suggest there should be at least 9,900 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people currently using this site, if not more. This page aims to be a place for these people to meet, a springboard to discuss topics relevant to these groups and for discussion of sexuality as a whole.

The Pages of M2M2

M2M2 is growing all the time. I hope other people will contribute pages to the area, so we can make this a really interesting section of h2g2. Just plonk "M2M2 -" in front of the title and let me know about the page, and I'll be sure to add it. If the page is relevant but not completely devoted to lesbigay ideas, so that you don't want to put it under the M2M2 banner, just let me know about it and I'll put it on the links page!

Current Campaigns
A page devoted to areas where work is still needed to ensure equality for everyone, including things we can do to help advance equality throughout society, and also celebrating campaigns that have had happy endings.

Currently quite a bare page although starting to fill up a bit, this page is for links to other relevant pages that don't come directly under the M2M2 banner.

Coming Out
A page for discussion and thoughts about coming out - one of the most difficult and important, but also often the most liberating, occurrences in the lives of LGBT people.

A page of 'Angels' - people who have gone beyond the call of duty to strive for equality. We can but hope more people become like these fine examples of citizens of the world!

Simply a page of rants about LGBT-related topics. Any other contributions most welcome - this page seeks to hold opinions on things rather than plain facts.

Christians Against Gays
There was a page about this, but it was removed by the author. However, I'm hoping to convince some people to collaborate on an entry about resolving religion against sexuality. If you're out there, go on. Go on! Go on, go on, go on, go on ...

LGBT Break-Ups
A page about the particular difficulties of breaking-up from a same-sex relationship, including other people's perspectives and how you might feel about yourself.

On Being a Gay Sportsperson
Being gay when you're a sportsperson can be particularly difficult - especially since it is a profession where this might be least expected, and also where being naked with members of the same sex is a fairly regular occurrence! This page is a discussion of the issues involved.

Portrayals of Lesbigay Lifestyle in the Media
The media is getting better and better by the day about the existence of the LGBT community, and hopefully one day it will be so accepted that new events will not be notable - until then, this page outlines landmark events for LGBT people in the media.

Realising You Are Gay
You always know you're gay? It's obvious to anybody who they fancy? In an ideal world, maybe, but we live in a world where so much rests on not being gay, and where you are constantly bombarded by being told you won't be, that sometimes it's hard to work it all out. This page is about realising and accepting it.

The Gay Teenager's Guide to Life
On a related theme to the above page, there are many teenagers who are now realising they are gay and coming out while still at school. Written by an ex-teenager who managed to get through relatively unscathed, this page gives some advice on how to cope with bullying and being an out teenager.

Games Room
Being gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans isn't all work and no play. This page does exactly what it says it does - it is M2M2's play area and contains a number of LGBT-themed games.

Ask M2M2
Can't find what you're looking for in the above pages? This page is for anything that we can't fit elsewhere in M2M2 - if you have any odd questions or interesting things you want to share, this is the place to go!

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