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Just how many people remember this glorious little kidlets cartoon? A good few, I'm sure.
Problem is, when you don't show repeats of a program on TV for several years, people start to forget about it. Including me. You end up with fading memories, and this can be frustrating and dangerous. Frustrating in that, well, it's just not the same as having it fresh in your mind! And dangerous in that your fading memory may well decieve you, and you could end up ridiculed by some fan whose's been clever enough to stokepile the videos *^_^*!

I for one have rapidly fading memories. It must be about 8 years since I last saw Dangermouse. I'm sure there are others out there too.
Or maybe you have been a Dangermouse fan for a long time. You know the series inside out, no? Maybe you are frustrated by it's lack of airing?

Then join us, matey! We want more Dangermouse! We of the BBD hope that our weight of numbers (LOL!) will show people that there is demand for this sexy little fiend. And maybe, maybe we'll have a say in bringing him back.

Come on, how could that possibly be a bad thing?


Yup, you heard it. These people want him back so don't mess!

Demon Drawer
Fairly Strange (ACE)
Jonathan Brisby
Rocket Rod
Katsy (aka Esti)
TV's Frink (ACE)
Asteroid Lil
Dinsdale Piranha
English Ben
Trick Stapler
Trigger Vorbs
Dr E Vibenstein
The Brain
The Jester
Jim diGriz
The High Duke of Mars
angony aunt
Silent Bob
Muddy Wallis - Bluesgirl
Ginger The Fiesty
Researcher 139284

What we want/need

Obviously, we would like to have Dangermouse back on our TV screens. But this is slightly impossible without petrol bombing some TV offices. So, for once I guess we'll have to settle for second best.
We wouldn't half mind...

  • To be able to have some jolly good discussions about Dangermouse and accosiated things
  • Dangermouse plushies
  • To generally have him back into our lives like he used to be

Are we asking too much?

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If you want to sign a petition to Bring Back Dangermouse and can't be bothered to scroll down to the forum, then click here.

{URL removed by Moderator} The only really decent Dangermouse website I've found yet!
[URL removed by moderator]This page has info on the characters, DM's car and his home. Very light hearted.
[URL removed by moderator]This page has a DM MIDI, and you can join the DM mailing list from it. Nice.
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A Dangermouse article which has made it into the official guide :-)

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