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Da' Bruvver'ood: The Sisters' Threat...

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Moving On

H'mmm... if the bulk of their stuff isn't like Kayleigh, then I think they might be a listen to; I lost interest in music during the 80s, emigrated to Eire and I still haven't caught up with all I missed whilst discovering Moving Hearts, Mary Coghlan and Guiness.smiley - stout

Talking about smiley - stout did you ever get your dispute with the brewers sorted? They were indirectly sponcering some group with iffy lyrics if I remember rightly.

And having looked at the lyrics I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to be associated in any way with a shower of eejits like that.

FTR I haven't touched Guiness since - but then, it's not hard with English Guiness

Da' Bruvver'ood: The Sisters' Threat...

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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

No response since the response I sent to their response. I must get on their case about that.

Kayleigh certainly wasn't representative of Marillion, in fact I think a lot of people were confused when they bought the album after hearing the single!

Da' Bruvver'ood: The Sisters' Threat...

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Moving On

Yeah... thats what makes me think they're probably worth a listen to.

I'll get the lads to help me download some of their stuff for an ear-y.

I must away and do some work - an H2-er has asked me to send her photoes of the bauble covers/bracelets etc I've learnt to make with a view to gifts for the dreaded December festival.

Which is great;

but seeing as she's got an enormous familly of girls, and treats them all even handedly, I'd better create a larger selection to photo than I have now, because there's no way I could manage to make over 15 items in about 4 weeks (which is when she'll probably ask me to do them) prior to the smiley - erm Big Day

Its a nice bonus that. I wasn't expecting anyone to take that much of an interest, but apparently (the teacher says, anyway) the stuff I make is definately worth looking at with a view to buy.

I'm more than a bit chuffed about that you know.

Da' Bruvver'ood: The Sisters' Threat...

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Stealth "Jack" Azathoth

So... You have season one of Blake 7 then?smiley - bigeyes

Da' Bruvver'ood: The Sisters' Threat...

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Primeval Mudd (formerly Roymondo)

Yep, and I can get Series 2 too (both with the extras.)

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