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Welcome to The Brotherhood Without Name (Da' Bruvver'ood)


And so it came to pass that the hootoo sisters turned out to be not so bad after all. In fact, they're rather lovely. Some of them are cuddly, but we shan't name names. One of them is proper svelte, so we suppose it all averages out nicely

The Brotherhood Without Name

Currently the Brotherhood Without Name are not only lacking a name but are also a tad low on brothers. These are they:

The Brotherhood Without NameNighthooverRoymondoMazinMadFiddlerMoonhoggReddyfreddyMatt_The_MattRob-The-CarpetSultry_SophietodaymuellerdragonqueenChips2legsEvadne CakemagwitchAzathothAnoldgreymoonrakerRalfPRDMr DreadfulLeoMegacheddaJohnnyKNavigatorblackDr E VibensteinloftskywalkerRobyn HoodeLiftlikerGrumpyAlembic

If you feel the weight of impending jollity resting upon your shoulders and wish to share the burden you should do yourself a favour and sign up here:

My name and 'U' number are:

We have the power of the pint, the pie and the polka-dot tie and we are NOT afraid to use them.

smiley - aleDa' Bruvvers' Cupboardsmiley - porkpie

A beer glass.A load of pork pies by Amy the AntA necktie on stage

Da' Bruvver'ood: fighting for YOUR HooToo


It has come to our attention that there is a birdhouse in your soul. Embrace it, and fear not if you are confused.


Da' Bruvvers' Cupboard

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