The Hootoo sisters

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smiley - blackcat

Black Cats

Welcome to our humble abode. smiley - smiley


Pisces 14
Water Mutable -Fizzy, 24th
Cancer 23
Water Cardinal -lil, 09th


g Capricorn 21
Earth Cardinal -Bel, 26th

Our friend pheloxi1 coined the name 'Hootoo sisters', so let me introduce the trio:

That's us

lil curling her eyelashes Fizzymouse looking in a mirror, her hair is being burnt and blow dried  Bel gets a bad haircut 

not smiley - tongueout

In RL, we're much younger, smarter, and more beautiful - and we're notably more smiley - erm voluptuous.

Just much more of everything, really.

A group of friends

This is the 'much more of everything'- us! smiley - winkeye

The Beverly Sisters 

A head louse being sucked up into a vacuum cleaner - it's the energy source

That's our broom - fully motorised as you can see - the more head lice it sucks, the faster it goessmiley - zoom

You may have heard of Rob the Carpet smiley - lurk who used to be lil's mascot before he went for a life of glamour. In order to minimise the risk of him getting drunk, Fizzysmiley - mouse and Bel kidnapped him and kept him 'safe' in the Pentagram for a while. On 4 July, 2007 he was set free because the space was needed for The Brotherhood Without Name: ( Know thine Enemy.)

However, relations have recently taken a turn for the better, and we're all good friends now, so the Brotherhood have been set free again - they have the best smiley - porkpie after all. smiley - winkeye

A Pentagram in a circle 
1Sadly, pheloxi died, very unexpected, on 19th April, 2009. I feel that this page is as good a tribute as any of the various other threads and tribute pages here on h2g2.

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