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Welcome to the not-so-new and not-quite-improved h2g2 Freaks page. The only real difference is that I, The Cheese, now run it and I'm not as lazy as previous dictator Lisa. Please let me know if you need your name put on. Thanks. -love-

The Rest Of The Page

Do you feel different - but in a Different Way? Do the crowds part, go silent, stare, and whisper "hey, look at that freak" as you stroll by, robed in your alternative opinion of fashion?

If so, then h2g2 Freaks is the society for you.

If not, it's a pretty good society and you should probably join anyway.

What is h2g2 Freaks ?

h2g2 Freaks is just a society of normal people, beautiful people, interesting people, and yourself. Just kidding. Normal is exactly what we're not. We're different, like everyone else, but we're different in a Different Way .

There is no standard of differentness. Just be yourself.

You're not gonna get much out of it, I'm afraid. Well, what do expect to get for nothing - a rubber biscuit?! 1

Actually, you'll have the privilege of being one of us. And that's pretty good actually considering!!

Freaks Day

May 7th has been elected Freaks Day, because on that day in the year 2000, the h2g2 Freaks forum was the busiest on the site.


...Can now be found in the margin, hence making the page longer and longer...2.


h2g2 Freaks is not responsible.

hidden message hidden message. boogledeedoo!

© Philip and Lisa and Brenton (and h2g2 of course) 1999-2000
1No requests for rubber biscuits please. That was a rhetorical question. 2Naaaaaaah

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