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Posted: 8th March 2007



Let's raise a glass...

After many years and many issues, The Post has finally hit its 300th. Huzzah! And may there be many more to come! Thanks to all who submitted copy to this very special edition (though smiley - sadface to the fact that we had no entrants in our graphic competition!). We've got a not-half-bad issue for you this week in celebration, too, including celebratory verse and a song lyrics quiz, so read on, read on.

It didn't quite make it into last issue, but we'd like to extend our warmest congratulations to EV and fords, long-time h2g2 Researchers, on the birth of their daughter Jennifer Grace!smiley - bubbly

And in the realm of announcements, Skankyrich told me I'm to advertise the Devon Meet that's taking place from 30 March to 1 April. Visit the page to see what events are in store and add your name to the list.

Final announcement: EMR has a website! It's a literary magazine for teenagers called Worthless Drivel, so if you're between the ages of 13 and 19 and you've got some writing or art, or you'd just like to check out other teenagers' creative expression, stop on by!

Working on an average of 20 written articles per issue, The Post has published at least 6,000 articles since its inception - although I suspect that the actual number is nearer 7,000 taking into account some of the bigger editions from earlier times (or today - with 33 separate items!) and the multi-linked items such as poetry competitions, special Hallowe'en/Christmas editions etc. Add to this a further 1200+ cartoons, all the Post graphics, the many personal photographs featured, the Announcements and Classified Ads, the Club Pages and the extensive archives and you can safely say that we certainly make full use of the web space provided by h2g2. We hope that you, our faithful readers, have found something to enjoy in this hive of industry and that our contributors will continue to provide us with high quality writings and cartoons - at least for the next 300 issues.

A Happy Anniversary to h2g2 also as it is 29 years ago to this very day that the first part of the radio series was broadcast to an unsuspecting nation. Little did we know back then how it would affect our lives.

The next edition will be out on March 22nd so any copy should reach us by midnight GMT on Sunday, March 18th

Please do enjoy this, the 300th edition of The Post!







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