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Further Adventures in B'Elana's Journal

There was a hootooer called Bel

Who retired — she was feeling like hell

She later returned,

When a lesson she'd learned

She said, 'Hey my 'Yikes' journal is swell!'

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Bel was unwell and went back to bed.

'Let's have some fun here,' Fizzymouse said.

'We can tease her. Look how her thread's grown!'

'That will teach her not to leave us alone!'

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I am ill to no avail

To do the shopping, I did fail.

The manual is a lazy git,

So what to do? I sent the kid.

From the loo I can't move away,

But to read the backlog at the PC I stay.

Every so often I have to run

But reading all this is lots of fun.

Thank you, my friends, for cheering me up,

You all deserve the 'World Friendship Cup'!

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