Caption Competion Four - Dutch Meet 2003

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Here is your chance to win one of our famous 'Paper Post' editions - signed by the Editor!

All you need to do is come up with a funny, original caption for the featured pictures taken at the recent Dutch Meet 2003.

Rules and Regulations

  • Please post your entries only in the relevant Caption Competition thread which, for this week, can be found here
  • There will be one winner for each week the competition runs
  • Entry is subject to being prepared to reveal your home address privately to The Post Team via email, so if you are not happy to do this please do not enter
  • Please observe all the general rules and regulations of the site and the BBC
  • Entries will be judged on the Wednesday following the close of each weekly competition and the decision will be final and unchangeable

Last Week's Entries and Winner

The picture last week of Shazz dressed as a witch attracted the following captions. Clive seems to have mistaken the Caption Competition for h2g2 Storytime and Grey Desk must have known he'd never stand a chance when he called my red hair 'ginger', but it was a close-run thing this week none-the-less!

  • After months of searching, 'Witch-wear Inc.' had finally located and hired the perfect model for their new fall line.
    Darth Zaphod
  • Hey big one, the shiny parts on your hat should be at the front, or you will never fly! heh, heh, heh! smiley - evilgrin
  • Good things come in small packages, so what does it tell you when shazz is that big????? Don't submit your article late thats what it tells you.
    Z Phantom
  • Witch spotted, looking confused, in christmas grotto
  • I thought it was your turn to make sure mom stayed in the hospital
    A Missing Reagan
  • Suddenly, a brilliant idea smiley - eureka occurs to shazz.
    Witty Moniker
  • 'I'm not a witch! I'm not a witch!!'

    (off screen) Mark 'All hail' Moxon: 'But you are dressed as one.'

    Shazz: 'They dressed me up like this. And this isn't my nose, it's a false one!'

    (off screen) Mark 'All hail' Moxon: 'Well?'

    The Post Team: 'Alright... well we did do the nose.'

    (off screen) Mark 'All hail' Moxon: 'The nose?'

    The Post Team: 'And the hat - but she is a witch!'
    Clive the Flying Ostrich
  • Sadly not even the most powerful witch's spells could cure ginger hair.
    Grey Desk
  • If I just keep staring at the director of the next Harry Potty movie over there, he's bound to see me and realise that I'd be the perfect Rita Skeeter, what with me having a newspaper and all... Mwahahahaha!
    Lucky Star
  • The perfect housewife - always a broom in her hand.
    Toy Box

Darth Zaphod, Egon and Lucky Star are all highly commended but the winner is... Toy Box! Congratulations Toy Box! Just send an email with your snailmail address to [email protected] to receive your very own copy of a Paper Post and a signed picture of Greebo T. Cat.

Picture for this week

This competition closes at midnight
GMT on Tuesday 11th November.


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