Caption Competion Three - Dutch Meet 2003

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Here is your chance to win one of our famous 'Paper Post' editions - signed by the Editor!

All you need to do is come up with a funny, original caption for the featured pictures taken at the recent Dutch Meet 2003.

Rules and Regulations

  • Please post your entries only in the relevant Caption Competition thread which, for this week, can be found here
  • There will be one winner for each week the competition runs
  • Entry is subject to being prepared to reveal your home address privately to The Post Team via email, so if you are not happy to do this please do not enter
  • Please observe all the general rules and regulations of the site and the BBC
  • Entries will be judged on the Wednesday following the close of each weekly competition and the decision will be final and unchangeable

Last Week's Entries and Winner

The picture last week of bizarre vegetation certainly produced some very good suggestions.

  • Oh for goodness sake Shazz, me is not that gullible... me knows that is not a doughnut bush!!! Besides me ate one earlier and it tasted foul!!!.
    Greebo T Cat
  • Blort of Planet Six to Supreme High Commander of Spies: Greetings. Regret to inform that vegetative disguise proving troublesome. Human-creatures trying to pick my speebles, and squirrel-creatures trying to bury food supplies under my nether regions. Please advise.
  • Shazz has cleverly disguised herself as a member of the local wildlife in order to evade the mounting pub bill.
    Darth Zaphod
  • Illustrated Talking points

    ... of The walrus and the Carpenter, item four.

    'The time has come,' the Walrus said

    'To talk of other things

    Of shoes and ships and sealing wax

    Of cabbages and kings'
  • That turtle has a good cap. Furry tail though...
    Max Headroom
  • Here we discover that some modest Dutch flora are easily embarrassed by the expectation of foreign visitors that all gardens should have tulips.

    (And, for bonus points, I guess Mina, because she wrote an Edited article about conserving water in the garden, and flowering kale is a low water user, even when it bolts in the winter heat here in LA.)
    Sea Change
  • The lampposts would appear to have turned into a huge bowl of flowering kale and a very surprised looking whale (which does not appear on this picture, unfortunately) at an Improbability Factor of eight million seven hundred and sixty-seven thousand one hundred and twenty-eight to one against.

    And I'd be voting for Mina too, for reasons of my own
    Toy Box

And the winner is... quizzical! Congratulations quizzical! Just send an email with your snailmail address to [email protected] to receive your very own copy of a Paper Post and a signed picture of Greebo T. Cat.

Picture for this week

This competition closes at midnight GMT on Tuesday 4th November.

A seasonally appropriate one for you this week!


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