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Posted: 22nd February 2007




I used to think of myself as a pretty computer-savvy person — at least, I can help my mother out with her email account and troubleshoot the wireless router — but I recently got it into my head that I was going to start a website, and that's proved a headache and a half. Entering this enterprise with no more knowledge of web design, HTML or any other variety of programming or information about the Internet than one might glean from h2g2 and GuideML itself, I started from scratch. It's been a trying experience, and I have gained greater respect for the people (often adults, who did not necessarily grow up with personal computers) who make a living from this sort of thing. Style sheets, FTP clients... I was actually doing all right until I got it into my silly little head that my website needed a forum, only to find that my host does not support the PHP language that the open-source forums I want to use are written in. Headache of headaches... ah well, it will all work out in the end.

Did you not understand any of that? Me neither. At least I can say that I've done it all with Linux.

Anyway, back to Post-land: the next issue is slated for Thursday, 8 March, so copy for this issue should arrive in the Post Box no later than Sunday, 4 March. It's been great to see an influx of poetry in particular in the last couple of issues — now the other departments just need a boost. Please, if you've got something to submit, go right ahead!

Actually, we'd like to make the next issue a little special as it will be the 300th edition. We marked the 100th and 200th with graphics from our own artists but this time we are offering you the chance to send a design in. Check out the competition details in the Features section.

Apologies from Clive ( valiantly contacting us through Amy with his mobile) but his internet is dead and so he is unable to bring you the next two chapters of h2g2 Storytime III. Here's wishing that he is reconnected for the 300.

We have also heard from our man in the know, The Duke of Dunstable, who has some exciting news for DNA fans:

BBC Radio 4 has commissioned Above The Title (with Dirk Maggs at the helm) to make an 18 x 30 minute adaptation of Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently books, following the indie's successful production of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It will run over 3 series of 6 episodes and will begin in October of this year. It was ordered by commissioning editor for comedy and entertainment; Caroline Raphael.

Now there's something to look forward to when the nights are drawing in again!






















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