The Tale of Three Weapons - Chapter 7

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The Journey Begins

'This is not good,' said Rastlin, walking along the sandy desert path.

'Almost as bad off as when we started,' said Josh.

'Well, now that we're a ways off from the city, we can look at the map he gave us the spell for,' said Rastlin.

'Okay,' said Josh he whispered some incomprehensible words and a map appeared in his hands. 'Okay, looks like we can make it there by nightfall if we only stop for lunch.'

'Speaking of lunch...' said Rastlin.

'Okay,' said Josh, 'it's about noon. Let's stop here. We can eat under that tree over there, since it's the only shade for miles around,' said Josh.

'What do we have?' asked Rastlin.

'Wait a sec — we have to look at our briefing while we eat,' said Josh, taking out a piece of paper from his pack and opening it. 'You read it, Rastlin.'

'Okay,' said Rastlin. 'It says the stuff the contract told us. You know, 30 days, and even worse how we don't get paid beforehand, so we only have 21 days' supplies... we already know his details... okay, here's the important stuff: first his weak point is... very unusual....'

'Where?' asked Josh, taking out some plain wheat bread.

'It's his... heart.'

'That is very unusual. Titans are usually strongest there, since that is their source of life.'

'That's it though, Josh. Is that what I think it is?'

'Yep,' said Josh.

'Beer!' said Rastlin excitedly.

'From the boss's own stash!'

'Guess he didn't expect that....'

Josh and Rastlin ate lunch then, continued the journey.

'We're almost there,' said Josh. 'I can see it now.'

'Okay, let's hurry.' They entered the town. 'Let's head for the hotel.'

On looking in the door, they saw Ragnar.

'This shouldn't take too long,' whispered Rastlin to Josh.

'Just don't get cocky,' whispered Josh back while pulling Rastlin out of the doorway. 'We'll need to wait for him to go to sleep. Let's have our dinner — we'll just have the leftovers from lunch.'

Everything was dark. They almost seemed to float across the floor as they went to the room that they heard to be Ragnar's. No one was awake. Josh nodded at Rastlin, who used his lockpick to unlock the door. They looked in and saw Ragnar.

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