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Posted: 19th October 2006



Happy (Very Early) Halloween!

smiley - pumpkinsmiley - pumpkinsmiley - pumpkinsmiley - pumpkinsmiley - pumpkin

My friend actually had a fire in his fireplace a couple nights ago. Pumpkins are appearing in the grocery stores and orange-and-black streamers decorate the neighbours' houses. It's getting close to that spooky time of year again, and in keeping with the occasion we've got a few seasonal bits for you this issue. Check out lil's poem "Trick or Treat" and two stories: "A Halloween Tale" by Cal and "The House on the Hill" by Evangeline.

Another upcoming event to watch out for is the Alternative Writing Workshop Crit Run, sponsored by the h2g2 UnderGuide. The UnderGuide is asking for new submissions to the AWW but, more importantly, critiques on AWW submissions. For more information or to sign up, go to the Crit Run page.

If you're in the general vicinity of London on 21 October, be sure to attend the h2g2 London Autumn Meet 2006! The information/sign-up page lists all the information and allows you to sign up to attend, but regardless of particulars h2g2 meets are always events of a lifetime and not to be missed! On behalf of The Post (two-thirds of whose team, alas, cannot attend) I wish all participants a good time.

In a radical turn of tone, I seem to manage to mention in every editorial another reason why the world is, as my mother says, going to Hell in a handbasket. North Korea has recently conducted nuclear tests and, it would seem, is provoking aggression on the part of various influential UN member nations. It is tempting to say the issue would be safest left to the hands of the UN's bureaucracy, but it is equally tempting to say that forceful action by certain important Western countries is necessary to ensure that nuclear war won't start. I have to say, though, that at least given the way the situation is being presented in the media, it almost seems like the Cold War all over again. Before you know it we'll be hiding under our desks and doing nuclear-attack drills instead of earthquake drills.

As the world hasn't ended yet, though, there is no reason to desert The Post in its hour of need! Submissions are always welcome, and we're particularly scouting for cartoonists at present — so if you're unsure, send it on in and we'll take a look! Before we go on to this week's edition, though, I need to offer a humble and grovelling apology. Dealing with health issues and computer issues on the part of various members of the Post Team, we offer sadly reduced Features and Cartoons sections this week, devoid of graphics and the articles containing them. Our apologies to our authors and readers — we should be back full strength next edition.
















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