The Caped Confuzzler - Part 8

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The Arrival on Planet Confuzzle

A pink light flashed as an alarm sounded on the ship. It could have been an alarm. It sounded just like the call of a toucan, which is alarming.

'Oh! We are close to landing on Confuzzle,' said Paul to the others.

'You know, nothing surprises me anymore,' whispered Keith to John as he gripped the seat.

John nodded in agreement. Paul tapped some keys on the console. A voice came over the intercom.

'Confuzzle welcomes you home, Ambassador,' said the voice.

'Okay, you will feel strange for a few minutes until you get used to the atmosphere of Confuzzle,' warned Paul.

'Oh right, the meteor thingy,' said Keith with a grin.

'Meteors... yeah, gotta love 'em,' giggled John as he got up to leave the ship.

Paul shook his head as he opened the door of the ship. 'Gentlemen, we have arrived. This is my home planet, Confuzzle.'

A gaggle of grinning, fluffy pink creatures met the young men at the door of the spaceship. They seemed so friendly and slightly out-of-focus. Keith had an overwhelming urge to hug them all, even though he had no idea who or what they were.

'Bamsadasor,' said several of the pink fluffy creatures.

Paul nodded to his friends from his home planet. Then he turned to one in particular who was wearing an especially glittery tunic. 'Yamor,' he said respectfully.

The glittery-dressed, pink fluffy creature handed Keith and John a small box each. The young men opened the boxes to find pendants similar to what Paul had shown them before. They put the pendants around their necks. A wave of dizziness overtook them for a few moments. Everything seemed so much softer and out of focus, all of a sudden. Paul and all the pink fluffy creatures waited patiently.

Once Keith and John adjusted to this change in perspective, Paul went on to explain. 'What you see is my home planet and its inhabitants as they really are. You see me as human because that is what I had to look like to fit in on Earth. The pendants you have been given will help you adjust to Planet Confuzzle and the way we see things. It's up to you whether or not you continue to wear them once you leave here, but we haven't met anyone yet who wants to go back to their old perspectives. Tomorrow, we will meet with the mayor and council to form a plan about getting some help from Confuzzle to fix the spreading harshness in the universe.'

Keith looked around him and noticed the glowing green rocks, the round structures, and even more of the cuddly creatures John was intently watching a line of dancing creatures singing a rhyme that made no sense. Everybody was grinning and having a good time.

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