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  • 04.05.06

    The Post celebrates h2g2's seventh birthday with EMR's usual ruminations. Other Researchers have been celebrating as well; there have been meet-ups in Copenhagan and Frankfurt which Hapi and B'Elana report on respectively. In addition, Phred's still on his way to the Ozarks and Roymondo is rather dodgily entering a music festival. There are poems aplenty from mriduldas, Len and lil; 'An Idyll Too Far' carries on into its second chapter, as does 'The Caped Confuzzler'. In addition to the further adventures of Knolly and 'There's a Doctor at the Gate', this week we have two dramatised accounts by Pinniped, one concerning Henri Rousseau and one about James McNeill Whistler's famous mother.

    In other news, TonsilRevenge, Websailor, Awix, Emmily and the CAC carry on as normal. But you knew that.

  • 18.05.06

    The battle for the soul (and tone) of the back issue page continues, along with the adventures of Knolly, the Legacy of Terry Horowitz, the Caped Confuzzler, and Reefy's sci-fi mash-up.

    We have more memoirs from Smudger and Ted_Inge, Galaxy Babe reports on an unusual astronomical occurrence, and the Norton continues its antipodean odyssey. In a similar vein we have more reports from Hypatia's UK trip, Elentari reappears with more acadmeic anecdotes from the city they once called Jorvik, and Chronomanicmechanic fondly imagines the days when cocaine was legal (no-one tell the BBC).

    In addition we have all the usual columns, quizzes, and poetry for you to enjoy.

  • 01.06.06

    Shazz sits in the editorial seat this week, to discuss the BBC and The Post's offers for this week, which include: a wide range of poetry and fiction, including all our usual suspects, in addition to a poem by roying and a cautionary tale from Pinniped; and the regular regulars. However, far more exciting things are afoot: Demon Drawer is previewing the impending World Cup, Master B gives his annual report of the Eurovision Song Contest and LeRue in turn gives us the Irish perspective, the CAC interviews Ben and our friends at the Douglas Adams Continuum have snagged a prime interview subject, the illustrious Stephen Fry1

  • 15.06.06

    Despite the looming possibility of the Apocalypse on 06.06.06, our heroes have daringly managed to put out another issue of The Post, though not without some apologising for a lack of new graphics and moaning about the disastrous state of the world. However, life continues as ever, as our usual suspects make their usual appearances. A new regular series by Skankyrich looks at England's cricket team, and Hypatia invites us all to her July 4th Hillbilly Meet over in that wild and savage country known commonly as the United States of America. In addition, Reefgirl tells us about a recent Bon Jovi concert and broelan's Nappy Diaries make their heralded return, demonstrating that all is clearly as it should be in this best of all possible worlds.

  • 29.06.06

    Shazz gives us an exhaustive editorial this week, as EMR is off in Europe and the world appears to be collapsing around our ears (though the two are not necessarily connected), but, in spite of it all, the Douglas Adams Continuum is still holding a webchat with Terry Jones (my, they have been bringing in the celebs recently!). Our regular contributors are hard at work and, among other things, mriduldas gets in on the World Cup state of mind with some football-related poetry; many cartoons are in evidence, including a double dose of Platypus Dancing and new contributions from quizzical and EvilClaw; and Hypatia, NVQ Assessor, Pseudemys and Phred continue to gallivant. We also introduce a new series: Lucky Star tells of her travels from a unique point of view, riding pillion on a motorcycle.

  • 13.07.06

    Another sad editorial this week, as the 7 July London bombings are remembered and the antagonism from various sides in the World Cup is addressed. However, The Post does not seem to be suffering from the prejudices of the world, h2g2 as always existing in peace and harmony (or so we'd like to think, anyway). There are a seemingly record number of poems this week, at six, and The Legend of Terry Horowitz makes a welcome return. Platypus Dancing and three independent cartoons from Lady Admiral Ayeka, quizzical and Waz grace our cartoons section this week. We hear from Skankyrich on something about cricket that this Editor hasn't entirely understood, from spiderbaby on vegetarian lasagne, and from James_gang on life lessons. But this issue of The Post wouldn't be complete without reports on the two great h2g2 events of the year: Hypatia's Hillbilly Meet in the Ozarks, and the London Summer Meet, as reported by Mazin' Mad Fiddler and 2Legs.

  • 27.07.06

    EMR has returned from Europe with an attempt to be an uplifting and hopeful younger generation all in herself, but also notifies our loyal readership that The Post will be conspicuous in its absence for the month of August, as both Editors take their summer holidays. However, for this issue at least, all functions as usual, as we begin the issue with its dose of poetry (including lil's comments on the heat wave in Europe — sentiments shared, it would appear, by many Researchers). Terran's Legend of Terry Horowitz, Len's An Idyll Too Far and Knolly's adventures follow, and then we move on to the cartoons: a double dose of Platypus Dancing, and we also recall the days of the illustrious Wowbagger with some repetitions of his classics. Summer blockbusters are reviewed by Awix and Hypatia visits the Chelsea Flower Show, and all functions quite as usual despite the prevailing laziness brought on by heat and summer that appears to be affecting us all.

  • 07.09.06

    The Post makes its return after the August hiatus to the sound of trumpets and a relatively short and dull editorial, punctured only by Shazz's reminder of solemn events that happened five years ago, namely the 11 September terrorist attacks. Readers of The Post should not let this dampen their spirits for long, though, as they get stuck into the unusually large issue we have presented this week. A record six poems start things off, in addition to two new fiction series - 'On the Subject of Pie' by AlexAshman and the long-awaited third series of h2g2 Storytime. Those aren't the only new things, as the Science Explained forum has started its SEx Education column. The Bookworm Club's Book Review makes a return, and we've got a couple recipes this week as well, in addition to the usual columnists, travelogues and all the other pieces that make us all glad that The Post is back.

  • 21.09.06

    Shazz takes the editorial chair this week, announcing the departure of Italic Beth, off to her new home in Canada. Elsewhere in the wilds of The Post, h2g2 Storytime III lurches at long last to a shuddering start, and one-off poetry appearances by riverrunning, Scorpio_witch and Evangeline rear their heads. In a startling turn of events, Awix has moved to Japan, but despite the new continent he's still giving us the same old jokes (this time reviewing X-Men 3: The Last Stand). Kath explains Taiwan to Americans, Leo explains driving, Len explains his youth, Gardener explains economics (or a part of it, at least), Trillian explains parenting and ianhimself simply reflects — oh, yes, and Woodpigeon satirises. Let it not be said we are without creativity in our verbs.

  • 05.10.06

    EMR observes that it is autumn and celebrates the fact that she is two years old (and my, what a literate two-year-old she is)2. But as always, she's getting lost in high-minded ideals, just when Shazz steps in practically and points out that this is a publication accepting submissions, after all. And talking of submissions... plenty of poems, including a cool one by ianhimself and another cool one by lil and... ooooh! another cool one by Cal. Hypatia broadcasts from Alabaster House to remind us all of the upcoming London Meet and Rita Cummings — sorry, benjaminpmoore — broadcasts from Speele. Gardener goes on holiday to Egypt, Lucky Star visits the East Midlands and Kath is in Singapore and Malaysia, so it looks like we've got the world more or less covered. And, finally, we end on a sombre note this week: QuietSoulSearcher discusses her experiences with child abuse, and eventually arises an independent person.

1Yes, we are biased. —Ed.2That's in time spent on h2g2, not in actual years, if you were still wondering.

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