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Posted: 27th July 2006



On Behalf of the Younger Generation

In last issue's editorial, Shazz wrote about the tragic state of the world. It is all too tempting for me to launch forth in a similar vein, particularly when one considers the escalating violence between Israel and Lebanon, to which there seems no forseeable end. The world just never seems to right its wrongs, and there's no wonder that today's youth are so much more cynical than they seem to have been in Shazz's day. I read about the time when my parents were children, or listen to them talk about it, and I am filled with wonder that they could be filled with such hope and such a desire for change. Today, children label themselves realists: they retain faith in the idea that the world is screwed up and is not going to be better any time soon, and then proceed to reserve the right not to vote and to be apathetic. That's the buzzword for my generation: apathy.

Yet more and more lately, I've found myself listening to the music of times gone by: to Bob Dylan, the soundtrack of the musical Hair and the Rebel Voices album produced by the IWW. I've started to lose my apathy, maybe just a bit, berating my friends about issues such as feminism and LGBT rights and the deplorable state of sex education in the American state school system. While I'm sure they're all heartily sick of hearing me say the same things over and over again, the good thing is that they argue back, or maybe even agree with my point of view. I want to be apathetic too, much of the time, concentrating on schoolwork and friends and music and of course h2g2 and not bothering much about the evils of the world that rarely come to bear on my suburban neighbourhood. But if my classmates expect the world to stay around long enough for them to enjoy their nice little corporate jobs, we had all better do something, right now. I encourage everyone, however old you are — but particularly if you belong to that enclave known as 'kids today' — and wherever you live, to do what you can. Vote, write letters to your political representatives, make your voices heard. That's the way we'll save this planet from destruction.

And now for something completely different: this week's edition of The Post! This will be the last issue of the summer as I am already travelling and Shazz has family committments throughout August. This means that the Post Office will, at least for part of the time, be 'unmanned' and, if you send items through during this time, you may not receive an acknowledgement. Please do still submit your articles as they should be safely under lock and key until we return - the deadline for the next edition will be 3rd September. The Post Team wish you all a good summer (hopefully not too hot for those of us sweltering in Europe at the moment) and look forward to seeing you again on 7th September.

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