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Buzzer, radio, or cd

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Mine has all three options so I can choose to wake to my favorite (for the moment) cd. I don't use that option often because I hate anything that wakes me up and my favorite cd becomes my least favorite when it interrupts my sleep.

Buzzer, radio, or cd

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Choosing which station to set it to is a tricky one, because you need soemthing that will send you to sleep at night, but wake you up in the morning. I used to have mine set to Classic FM. Unfortunately the "Relax. It's Classic FM" mantra combined with lullabies at 7 a.m is not conducive to wakefulness. Conversely, the Sousa marches and warbling sopranos they were so fond of at 11p.m (and also during the night, as I discovered on many an insomniac moment)did not send me to sleep. Radio 3 is OK in the morning, but plays jazz at night. I have nothing against jazz, but it's not what I want to listen to before sleeping. Radio 4 has the right jolly morning tone, and plays some great comedy shows at bedtime - which I always miss the end of and then am filled with regret.

What I really need in the morning is a cup of tea. I think a "teasmaid" is what I'm looking for. Or possibly a "slave".

Buzzer, radio, or cd

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I got a clock radio years ago that has a voice chip in it, which makes sarcastic yet sexy comments, eg. "It's Monday, 7am - and you did ask me to wake you".
It gets downright rude after the snooze expires though.

Buzzer, radio, or cd

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Well the past 2 mornings it's been a clap of thunder wot woke me up smiley - yikes

Quite fancy the sexy-yet-sarcastic-comments-maker......would be nicer if it was a real person though....

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