A Conversation for Radio-alarm Clocks

It's true...

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Frankie Roberto

...about the dream. I woke up having dreamt about this terrible explosion going off, then heard about it on the news. I thought I'd had a premonition for a couple of seconds until the penny dropped...

It's true...

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Cheerful Dragon

I don't have 'premonition' type dreams if I hear the news while I'm half-asleep. But the news does work its way into my dreams and affect what I'm dreaming about. I've dreamed about looking for terrorists somewhere-or-other (can't remember where), amongst other things. I never realise what's going on while I'm dreaming, but know what has happened the minute I wake up.

It's true...

Post 3

Frankie Roberto

I only had that 'premonition' thing the first time, now I realise when I wake up that the radio has influenced the dream, but it's still an odd feeling.

I usually listen to BBC London too, and they used to talk about really trivial matters in the morning, so I had odd dreams about sweage problems and council flat matters and the like...


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