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Offering submission

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Yvonne aka india

This is a great entry, laying to rest many flawed perceptions. Thought: a sub can have submission to offer, but without a Dominant to accept it, is the value of that submission reduced? eg a footballer may be the best in the country, but without a club to sign them up are those skills wasted? There is little satisfaction in being the best sub one can be without the ability to find a Dom(me) one can trust and who will take that submission. Fulfillment can be as important as existance.

Offering submission

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ahh, finding someone to trust - how about someone who is good enough?
But then the reality is that nearly all in an ordinary relationship have some sort of power exchange.
Perhaps a statement is necessary for some, its a shame in some ways that ds has become ritualised with certain expectations and requirements.

Offering submission

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I have offered submission to a man I don't know. What safeguards should ask for?

Offering submission

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Taff at home

hi jane

you probably won't get an answer, i was justsmiley - lurk ing and saw you

if you look at the last date on the conversation it was 3 years ago,

pop over to the front page, there you can find a link to ask and you will find everybody around there, when they are awake

smiley - bat

Offering submission

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I'm not really here

All the usual checks you would put in place when meeting someone you don't know. You could do worse than read this - A672095

You could ask for references from other people in the scene who might know him, but be careful as some people will gossip and bad mouth! Also it depends if you are meeting for play on the first 'date'. Perhaps better to get to know each other in a cafe or coffee shop first?

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