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Thanks that would be great.
Don't want to step on any toes though the rest of the piece was really well done


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I'm not really here

It's fine - it's an accepted part of the site that articles can be updated. One of mine was updated once, and I'm a credited author on this article anyway.

To get the article updated you'll have to write the section that you want added yourself. So if you can write a paragraph or two (if it's just one sentance it's unlikely to be added because it can be seen in this conversation) about what you want to add, then you can post it to Editorial Feedback - <./>Feedback-Editorial<./>.

You'll need to explain exactly where in the entry it should go, and let the Editors of the site know why you think it should be updated.

They do like it to be in GuideML, but if you haven't come across that, don't worry to much. As long as they know where to fit it in, they should be happy to oblige.

On a more personal note, are you in the UK? I'm an active member of the scene, so I regularly go to parties in London.


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I'm not really here

Sorry, that link didn't work. smiley - sadface Editorial feedback is here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/Feedback-Editorial


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My 24/7 slave revels in the structure and certainty of our relationship dynamic. It has taken 5 years to develop slowly to the state it is in now, providing comfort and ease for both of us. she is a high functioning professional woman with (ironically) a Masters degree who finds space, joy, security and intense love in submitting to Me.
Her previous (vanilla) relationship was marked by non-consensual emotional abuse and an unstated power dynamic where she felt totally threatened in every way. To have the power exchange dynamic brought to the surface and consensually practiced is a source of pleasure and fulfillment to U/us both. I'm a happy Master.smiley - smoochsmiley - smooch


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I wanted to respond to this thread even though it has been going quite a while now. I lead such a relationship that involves dominance and submission and I enjoyed how the article seem to capture the basics of what goes on inside them. However, I did want to add some remarks made about self-esteem. I do agree that in many cases some submissives can enter these relationships because of a sense of low self-esteem and one post stated that yes they are generally not recommended to get into such relationships.

However, my master has made it part of himself to see that my self-esteem stays where it is and to only get better. He encourages me in all that I do, to succeed, better myself, and does not cross beyond our stated limits. It should be noted that pain/humiliation and all sorts of acts are actually discussed beforehand; including the wants/needs expected from the relationship by both Doms and subs. Within our relationship we compliment each other, he gives me the structure I crave, the boundaries (that we sometimes push) that I enjoy. And it satifies his need to control.

As with any relationship between two people, those in a D/s relationship are as varied as can be, some contain no pain or humiliation play, no bondage, etc. Others contain all of it. which is why trust is so important if you are not honest with yourself or with your dom/sub then it simply will not work.

Also, to the post which stated that the sub basically tops from the bottom, obviously it would be impossible to say that this never happens, especially by those who like to manipulate others, but the relationship would evenutally fail (or I have not seen it work) as a true dom does not like to be topped unless they have agreed to switch. A sub who tops from the bottom is lying to her dom/me (in my opinion). True subs are subs because it gives them immense pleasure to please their dom/me and doing so would in effect appeal to their sense of self-esteem as well.

A subs submission is seen as a gift as it takes a lot of trust to willingly give complete, or even partial, control to another human being, to be anything less than voluntary and willing is abuse, one can't "take" submission which is why the BDSM community has the SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) rule.

Anyway, I think I should stop here as it is possible to go on forever. I love these types of discussions as it is possible to gain a view of all the possible thoughts and opinions out there and have greatly enjoyed reading all the posts. smiley - smiley

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