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I'm a 'switch' which basically means in 'role play' I play both Dom & sub.

As a sub, I love to be tied hand and foot plus blindfolded, this is where the vibrator comes into the equation, along with feathers and fur (fake not real) and whips (used to stroke and tickle eroctically not for pain) and obviously hand and tongue and mouth too.

There's a couple of my Dom examples, on my space. They're not really that good, it's difficult to do the Dom role 'justice' in the confines of a family site.

I prefer the sub role. I like to be tied tightly, not so that it stops the blood circulating, but tight enough to *feel* the restriction, a little discomfort keeps the mind focussed on who the boss is and who decides what sensations I feel. I know my 'partner' wouldn't hurt me, I wouldn't allow myself to be in such a vulnerable position if I thought he would. Trust is vital, as is a safeword.

Foxy smiley - handcuffs

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Iv just become the proud owner of a pet and would love to message with u as u hav experience of both (switch)..I want my pet to be happy and loyal..however, he's very submissive and i dont know if he will get wat he wants as im so inexperienced..


Angel x

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Angel you might find more help if you sign up for one of the BDSM sites. There are some really good ones out there which will give you the help you need.

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Oh..hi & thanks for the advice..not sure how to go about looking for one..my pet just showed me one he wanted to join but its for submissives and pets only..

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I can't link to any from here, but as your pet seems to know where to look for them, make him do it. That's what subs are for. smiley - bigeyes

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hello. I'm new to the scene, like brand new and i'm getting to the point in my life where i want to experiment. I was wondering if you had any advice on how to go about looking for a domme? *blushes.*

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I'm not really here

Do an online search for whatever you are interested in, and find something with a forum. Some will have newsletters or areas of their site where you can find real life events, fetish markets etc.

I can't give you any links, I'm not sure the Beeb would approve. smiley - bigeyessmiley - handcuffs

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The best way to make contacts is though a fetish club, there are many and varied so ask.(there is an excellent listing of clubs on the net)
There is also the fetish market in London - there you will find all kinds of help and information, and people to talk with.
Just be aware though, it is a murky world where often things are not quite as they seem, most are involved for a few years then give up - you need to ask yourself why?

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