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Babylon the Small

I'm not sure if this is a worldwide phenomenon or not, but at rock concerts I've been to in the US there always seem to be several condoms blown up like balloons being bounced around on top of the mosh pits. Presumably this started as a joke: some guy had a condom in his pocket and realized, "Hey, I'm probably not going to get to use this...but if I blow it up like a balloon and toss it around, I'll bother the uptight people a lot! Neat!"

Also, at my college, I've seen upperclassmen throwing condoms at freshmen instead of the more traditional pennies. Again I have no idea if this is done elsewhere, but I'd be interested to know if it is.


Babylon the Small

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Somewhat more macabre ...

Jungle warriors have been known to use them to prevent water getting down their rifle barrels...

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Rat, who can't remember his way round this bloody thing.

you could always wear one as a silly hat to keep your hair dry in the rain smiley - erm

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Erm I won't mention international drugs smugglers here....

Bugger to late smiley - smiley

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In fact during the Gulf War British and US troops used them not only to prevent sand entering the barrels of their rifles, the tank crews used them for the same purpose over the end of the main gun barrel. The advantage of a condom over the traditional methods is that it does not need to be removed in order to fire your weapon at the enemy. (Sorry but no pun intended there.)

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Cupid Stunt

I guess this comes under the heading of waterproofing - apparently BBC people use them to keep microphones dry when recording underwater noises and the like.

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essex guy

ha ha sounds a good laugh, i am from england and some people put condoms over the head and blow them up! and you should see the size of them, put some times it will pop and you end up with a sore face, and it is wise to use a new condom, than to use a used one? YAK smiley - biggrin

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Somewhere i heard that some group of people, army or something carry them as they can carry up to 8 pints of water without spliting, may be stupid rumoury lie, but worth mentioning i thought.

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Yes, that's true! If you see the Entry on Condoms, rather than Durex condoms we've covered that one too!

Any more uses out there?

Other Alternative Uses

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Cupid Stunt

No new uses, but did blew one up and threw it down onto the dancefloor in the students union at the end of last term, and I beleive I still have the photo of the union president holding it. Hmm...

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