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They break, all the time.
Like at least 50% of all the times Ive used them, and for the last girls I've had sex with with a condom. That cant be just me, can it?

And the extra strong ones are like wrapping you dick in bubble wrap, you couldnt feel anything if someone shut your dick in a door.

Someone needs to do somne redesigning.


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What can anyone say about that?

There are certain areas of this guide which may refer to this post as a troll, but I am not of that opinion.
I think that you are merely seeking knowledge. Am I right?

It is very important to read the instructions first just like it says in the main article on condoms.
Some men try to use the excuse that they are just too HUGELY endowed and that is why thier condoms split.
It CANNOT be said that a man's penis is too large for a condom though, because an average condom can easily go over an average persons skull without any trouble at all.
I have seen it done. On many occasions. However. I have never ever heard of a penis that had greater dimensions than a persons cranium.

Another possibilty is that you perhaps, and I say perhaps, don't take part in enough foreplay before penetration.
Vagina's work best when they are wet, like Pirelli tyres.

Then again, if you are in the habbit of testing the sensitivity of your condoms by slamming your covered penis in a door before intercourse. Then that may have something to do with the condoms malfunctioning.
Like computers, condoms are almost always ruined by user error. Unless you got them from Tiny.
smiley - erm

Good luck.



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Nah, mate. Im not trolling, Im stating my opinion on condoms...

Im not too hugely endowed for them, im quite average in size. And as for foreplay, theres never any lack of that...

I just cant believe that im the only person this happens to...


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Oh, no man, your not the only person it happens to, but you can cut down the odds by reading and understanding the instructions completely for a start.
To have a fifty percent failure rate, either your using them wrong or perhaps your using the wrong brand.
I mean some cheap johnies aren't even any good as water bombs are they? You start to fill them up and well, lets just say that it would be better to give them to the opposite team in a water fight as a goodwill gesture.
I, like most people would recomend rubbers with the British Standard kite mark symbol on the box (although rarely on the condom), or it's equivalant.
Erm,,,,, beyond that, rubber perishes with age.
As long as you didn't buy ten thousand packets at the age of twelve because it was less embarrassing to get them all at once, that shouldn't be the reason.
How do you store them?
Do you have a dog with a WKD sense of humour?
Some of these questions are rhetorical by the way.
I leave it to your good taste to know which ones.
The bottom line is that if things can go wrong they probably will.
They probably will go wrong quite badly given half a chance, so you have to watch out for the worst happening and do your best to avoid it. This is true of all things.
If I have quoted anyone then thanks for the meemory.

Good luck.
Know where your towel is.

Dave of Sol3


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Hello. I am a health promoter with the NHS. I was googling 'condom breakages' when I came upon this site and the question of WHY CONDOMS BREAK. In my experience, condoms break because of air trapped inside them, just like it says elsewhere on this site. But to my amazement, many sites purporting to offer advice on correct condom use only 'suggest' that you squeeze the teat closed during the putting on of the condom.


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I live in China, and the failure rate of condoms here is reported as being around 25%. Considering Chinese sexual ignorance, this could be partly due to incorrect use, I've never had a noticeable failure yet, ( see below), however, I can speak from experience of Chinese goods in general.

Quality control is non-existant, and some goods are literally " unfit for their use". Many a time I've wrestled with the supposed pull apart packaging on biscuits till I have to resort to scissors and find mainly crumbs to greet me inside.

The condoms here are NOT that securely packaged, but for lao wai, ( foreigners), they're TOO SMALL, (52MM).

Yes, I know they're very stretchable,but on the basic Bean Member, they take on the aspect of socks that have shrunk in the wash, starting to put them on is difficult, getting them on is a struggle, and when they're on, they're a ridiculously short length....

Durex DO export here, but the condoms are...52MM.

I could buy them mail order, if I had a credit card, ( the Chinese banking system is so bad, especially computer security, that using a Chinese credit card puts you in danger of electronic bankruptcy),and I trusted China Post to actually deliver.

Any old China Hands, ( should that be Glans?), out there with an answer to this problem?

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