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Am I pregnant?

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2 weeks ago I had sex (with someone i love) for the first time. We used a condom but we realised that it had split during intercourse. I havent worried about it untill now as
1.I had just began my period on the day we did it , and
2.he didnt cum/ejaculate

Is it even worth me taking a pregnancy test as Im really worried about this. ive told him about it and he said that the circumstances being as they are i shouldnt worry.
im only 14 and if i told any adult id be kicked out of nmy house so please i need help figuring this out!

Am I pregnant?

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Vicki Virago - Proud Mother

Firstly sweetie, you'd best pop off to see your doctor smiley - smiley

There is a "very tiny, small, iddy biddy chance that you "may" be pregnant. The doctor is sworn to secrecy. Please remember that. He cannot under any circumstances discuss your medical history with anyone.

Also, you do have to consider STD (or STI's as they're called now - sexually transmitted diseases). Although he didn't ejeculate, there is some small chance of pre-ejeculation sperm having seaped out of the penis, and therefore out of the split condom.

I would greatly doubt any of the above, and I certainly would not worry about it. But best pop off to get checked out, just to be on the safe side smiley - hug

As you are only 14, are you sure this person is the right one for you? I'm not even going to attempt to lay down the law here, but you're so young and accidents do happen.

At the end of the day, these are your choices, and your choices alone. The teenage years are a practice run at being an adult and sometimes you feel more adult than you actually are.

I remember being 14!!! Jeez!!! Those where the day!!! smiley - blush

If you want any more help/advice, then I'm only too happy to help you. My mum is also on site here and I'm sure she will be more than happy to become a surregate mum to you whilst you're going through this smiley - smiley

Am I pregnant?

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The H2G2 Editors


I'm afraid that h2g2 isn't really the best place to find help for this kind of problem - however there is another site on the BBC that can provide you with all of the help and advice that you might need... and from qualified doctors and counsellors, who can give you completely reliable information!

Head on over to the BBC Teens site's agony aunt page:


Many thanks!

The h2g2 Editors


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Am I pregnant?

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To be on the safe side you are best buyin a pregancy test just to makesure that your not. It might be an idea to maybe go to your local doctor who can help you or someone that you can trust to talk to they will help you through this you can't face it on your own. Let me know how you get on hope your ok.

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