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Favorite Simpson's lines

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I ws thinking of the episode "Lord of the Flies" when Otto drives the bus (millhouse's fault) into the water and the kids end up on an island.

They all start fighting and Bart tries to tell them that they can be "like the Swiss faily Robinson, except with swearing." He goes on to say that they can live like "Kings. . .damnhellasskings!"

In a later scene Ralph has eaten soem berries and cries:
"They taste like BURNING"

good stuff


Favorite Simpson's lines

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when homer wins somthing by default an he runs around screaming
"the most two finest words in the whole world DE FAULT" that gives me pure giggles..

Favorite Simpson's lines

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It would be possible to run a pretty busy thread even in the characters were broken up!
Homer's best lines, Bart's best lines, Troy McClure's. . .

But my all time favorite, Ralph:

"This is where I saw the leprachaun. . .he told me to BURN things"

Favorite Simpson's lines

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probably the best simpsons intro EVER

Homers drivin in his car takin the flinstones theme tune off

"simpson Homer simpsonhe's the greatest guy in history, from the town of springfield he's about to hit a chestnut tree arrghhhhhh!!"

what can i say CLASSIC

Favorite Simpson's lines

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"My name is Ot-to and I like to get blot-to"

Favorite Simpson's lines

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Homer's Guide to Life for Bart:

Cover for me.
Ooh, good idea, boss!
It was like that when I got here!

I have based my new career around these words. smiley - ok

Favorite Simpson's lines

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Cletus the Slack/Jawed yokel song:

there're some folks who don't eat skunk
and then again some folks'll
like cletus the slack jawed yokel.


Favorite Simpson's lines

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Researcher 202744

At a barbecue held by Homer, Dr. Hibbert exclaims after finishing his hamburger, "My diagnosis, delicious."
Homer replies, grabbing a hot dog for the doctor, "Then I have the prescription for you, another hot beef injection."

Favorite Simpson's lines

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Penny the Bisexual Gooner

My favourite Simpsons episode is the one where Homer went to a carnival and offered to take over a carnie stand for a man and his son. However Chief Wiggum (or Piggum as my gal refers to him) comes and takes away the stand for a reason I've forgotten about. Being as naive and stupid as Homer always is, he invites them to stay at his house, something which Marge naturally doesn't approve of. Then the older carnie offers the family tickets to look through glass under the sea. When the family returns they find that the carnies have taken over the house.

Am I making this up cos I can't remember how it finished!

Penny Jackson

Favorite Simpson's lines

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Researcher 204672

Bart crashed Hitler's car, so to make up for the damage Bart & Homer have to work at the carnival.

The carnival game is confiscated by Chief Wiggum when Homer doesn't realise he is being asked for a bribe.

The episode ends when Homer challenges the carnie to a game of toss the hoop - if Homer can land a hula hoop over the house chimney they win back the house.

As the hoop flies through the air, the Simpsons run into the house and lock the carnies out.

Favorite Simpson's lines

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my favorite lines:

in the episode where homer travels back in time using the broken toaster, he comes across Willy, who says: "You're still not in your own world Homer! I can get you home, but you've got to do exactly-". He is cut short my Maggie throwing an axe into his back, who says in a voice not unlinke Kang: "It is indeed a disturbing universe."

also, when Professor Frink needs to get the attention of all the other scientists/nerds/etc : "PI IS EXACTLY THREE!!! ...I'm sorry it had to come to that."

Favorite Simpson's lines

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Jeff Mutton

Cleetus, climbing to the top of a telegraph pole: "Hey, I could call mah Ma from here... Hey Ma, git off the dang roof!"

Favorite Simpson's lines

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Ooh, I love your magazine. Especially the 'Enrich Your Wordpower' section. I think it's really...really... really...good - Homer Simpson

Favorite Simpson's lines

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K-Dogg, King of Swing, Gangster Of Love, Doctor Of Desire, and Master Of Disaster

When Homer, Smithers and Burns are flying to Cuba with the trillion dollar bill...

Burns: Take her down Smithers!
Smithers: You're flying the plane, sir.
Burns: Excellent.

In the chilli cook-off episode...

(At Flanders' "5 Alarm Chilli" stall)
Homer: Hmm...2, 3, 3 and a half tops!
Ned: I know...I just wanted to look good in front of the kids...
Rod: Are you going to jail, daddy?
Ned: We'll see, son. We'll see.


Wiggum: Here comes Simpson. He thinks he's the pope of Chilli-town!

Favorite Simpson's lines

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i think it was homer who sang:
"I am so smart

Favorite Simpson's lines

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I thought ghost of Frink should have mentioned Homer's hilarious line 'That's it, go to your room.' which followed Lisa's catchphrase 'I'm going to my room' in one of the episodes. That was utter genius.

Favorite Simpson's lines

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salicyclic (keeper of worn out leather army boots)

Homer: "Oh lord! Why do you mock me?!"
Marge: "That's not God, that's just a waffle that Bart tossed up there"
-pries off waffle with broom handle-
Homer: "I know I shouldn't eat thee but... mmm... sacralicious.."

Homer: "My kids think your the greatest. And thanks to your gloomy music, they no longer dream of a future I can't possibly provide"
Billy Corgan: "We try to make a difference."

Pimple-faced Teenager: "If I had a girlfriend, she'd kill me!"

Bart: "Do your toilets flush the other way?"
Smarmy American Consulate Guy: "No, to combat homesickness, we've installed a device that makes them flush the correct, American way"

Willie: "Sherry Bobbins and I were engages to be wed back in the old country. Then she got her vision back- Suddenly the ugliest man in Glascow wasn't good enough for her!"
Sherry: "It's good to see you Willie"
Willie: "That's not what you said the first time you saw me!"

Dr.Nick Riviera: "Well if it isn't my friend, Mr McGreg, with a leg for an arm, and an arm for a leg!"

-while Stephen Hawkings is addressing Springfield-
Homer: "Yeah, Larry Flint is right!"

Homer(stoned): "We have a kitchen?!"

Bill Clinton: "So when people tell me I was an embarrassment to my country, I just tell them it depends on what the meaning of 'was' is, loser. You owe me two hundred thousand dollars"
Homer: "Bill Clinton, everyone! He's Jimmy Carter with a Fox attitude"
-inserty Bill's selacious dancing-

yeah. simpsons good.smiley - biggrin

Favorite Simpson's lines

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I love Ralph Wiggum! He's probably my favorite character. Anyway, I die laughing every time I see the episode in which he says, "Me fail English? That's unpossible." I also love the Leprechaun quote mentioned earlier. smiley - smiley


Favorite Simpson's lines

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K-Dogg, King of Swing, Gangster Of Love, Doctor Of Desire, and Master Of Disaster

Homer watching TV:
"Look Bart! Mexican wrestling! It's a real sport down there you know."

Homer watching Troy McClure in the musical sensation "Stop The Planet Of The Apes, I Want To Get Off!":
"I love legitimate theatre."

When a bear is sitting outside the door:
"Everything will be OK as long as I have beer. AAAHHH! No beer! Well, if I'm going to be trapped inside the house all day, I'm going to have to go out and get some beer."

Favorite Simpson's lines

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