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Favorite Simpson's lines

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thats "mine first"
i know i cant spell

Favorite Simpson's lines

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"Posted By: Recumbentman the Green

Homer playing Scrabble:

"Embiggens is a perfectly cromulent word!" "

Memory not quite up to scratch there!
That quote is a discussion between two teachers during the "Hans Sprungfeld" episode.

Favorite Simpson's lines

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the best line ever is when Bart and Milhouse are talking about the soul andmilhouse "i don't want my soul to be chopped up" and Bart sez "oh come on milhouse their is no such thing as a soul. it's something made up to scare kids like the bogeyman or michael jackson" Brilliance smiley - coolsmiley - cool

Favorite Simpson's lines

Post 64

Dr. Megabite

Ralph: That's where I found the leprechaun.
Bart: Right...
Ralph: He told me to burn things.

Favorite Simpson's lines

Post 65


i liked the one where they were at the comic store and the guy says...
"make like my pants and split"

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