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Is it just me or are all these nit-picking replies similar to the comic book guy and his friends tearing apart the Itchy and Scratchy cartoons with hair-splitting observations - For Shame!! - as Grampa Simpson said in one episode. (someone's now going to say which episode it was) - he he. (well - it beats being bored)

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Well, excuse me "Santos" if that is your real name - BART SIMPSON! but your phoney credit card is not welcome here. Now make like my pants and split!

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Kelly, Owlatron's American thundercat, and not creative enough to come up with a cool tag

As long as we're talking about the comic book guy (which is as much of a name as he was ever given) I think it should be mentioned that he was someone else in the first season, when The Simpsons wasn't yet developed. In the episode where Bart gets a tatto, the tattoo artist was the same character, although with a slightly different voice.

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Researcher 198706

No, the tattoo paurlour guy is Mervin Monroe, Dr. Marvin Monroe's younger brother. It said on the offical skybox series II cards

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Kelly, Owlatron's American thundercat, and not creative enough to come up with a cool tag

I feel like an idiot now, but thanks for clearing that up. smiley - smiley I'll be sure to do my research before I make another posting.

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he's hada name in one episode Jeff Goldbloom or something

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thats one of the funniest lines! smiley - tongueout

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