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where is springfeild?

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I noticed that your section about springfeild had written on it springfeild,________,USA. Springfeild is actually in the state of illinois near the one of the great lakes, lake michigan.

where is springfeild?

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If you read his article, you'll find that there are several places it has been rumoured to be. In fact, it isn't in any of those locations in the TV show - it is an entirely fictional "Springfield".

where is springfeild?

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If anyone watched the episode that was a parody of VH1's Behind the Music, at the end of the episode there was a closing line that went something along the lines of "What else could happen to this northern Kentucky family?" I'm sure I got the exact quote wrong but I'm sure they revealed in that episode that The Simpsons are from Kentucky. Sounds trange, but do you love them any less?

Where is springfeild?

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Oberon2001 (Scout)

There are two versions of the "Behind the Laughter" episode.
In one, The Simpsons are from Illonois and in the other they're from Kentucky.
Just adds to the mystery I suppose.
(PS, this entry's in dire need of an update)

Where is springfeild?

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I dont know where it is but it has to have a nuclear powerplant and a gorge. Im not sure about Kentuky, (does it have a nuclear powerplant?) but as i live in Illinois i know that the springfield IL is not the one in the show. In the episode where Bart and Homer go to the superbowl and marge and lisa are at home, Marge calls Vincint Price and he askes for her address. Marge says "712 evergreen terrace Springfield Oh hi ya maude come on in" could she possibly have been talking about OHIO? i guess we'll never know.

Where is springfeild?

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I wanted to chime in and mention that I have heard THREE versions of the VH1 spoof episode (perhaps there are more). The cities I heard mentioned included Illinois and Kentucky, but also Springfield, Missouri. Living in Springfield, Missouri, I had to mention this for the props we deserve (or perhaps don't, due to our enourmous inbred population).

I would also like to say that the Simpson's "Springfield" is in no way affiliated with any actual geographical "Springfield" located in the United States. It is a fictional town, folks... Sorry to break it to ya. Of course there have been several teasers and comedic references, but that is all just a part of the charm of the show. There is probably a city of Springfield in 50% of the states in the U.S. (that would be 25 states (obviously), but I am not going to do the research on which states have a Springfield and which don't).

Well, I have wasted enough time on this log that will most likely be read by no one; or at least nobody that I give a shit about. The irony is that I feel that anyone that really feels a need to discuss this topic in detail is an utter fool (due to the fact that I believe there is no "real" Springfield), yet I have written yet the longest passage in this log. Perhaps I should go out and be creative on my own instead of commenting on the creativity of other, more successful people.

Where is springfeild?

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Hey don't hate on the stupidity of others! smiley - biggrin For some people this is just more fun than work or school so if for a while people want to be stupid and write about the existance of a cartoon town then you have no right to call them a fool.
Babblefish6 smiley - orangefish

Where is springfeild?

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I come from Florida. There's a "Springfield" there.

Speaking of Florida, there is one episode of Simpsons where they visit Florida for a spring break vacation. It ends with the Simpsons being forbidden from Florida. Then it clips back to the Simpson home, where Marge places a big red X over Florida on a map of the U.S. There is an X on nearly every other state too, except Arizona and North Dakota. But neither of these is where they live, because Homer says, "Arizona smells funny", as Marge crosses of Arizona, and then they say, "North Dakota, here we come!" The only 2 states they are not forbidden from are not where they live. So they don't seem to live in any particular state.

Where is springfeild?

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Its Kentucky ppl. I saw a news story the other day from SHELLBEVILLE KY!
Not only that but when the Simpsons visit a wild west ranch there is a joke about "kentuckians"smiley - smiley

Where is springfeild?

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Springfield is a fictonal place however it is based on a real area.I am from a place called Springfield in Mass USA. In the area we have a nuclear power plant nearby, a gourge, we are driving distance from Boston (or capital city) and on teh train route to New Haven ( you may remeber that Mr. Burns found his son after a College football game between two schools that might as well have been Yale and Harvard). Also the current head writer of the program is in fact from West springfield which is the next city over. while Springfield Ma may not be the exact town that the Simpsons live in the mayor is connected to the local crime family.

Where is springfeild?

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Springfield would have to be fictional. Where do you have to use snow ploughs in the winter, and then in the summer have a 100 degree + heat waves. With everything else that everybody has mentioned why has no one thought of this. Fictional people, let it go.....And forget Springfield MA being it.

Where is springfeild?

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A two year ol debate why not. In Mass we have both hellish new england winters and hellish new england heat waves. In the Pioneer valley (where Springfield Ma is) even the natives wouldn't inhabit the area due to it's unbearable weather shifts and unpredictable seasons. So the argument that the weather would be a factor in the location of the Simpsons only stregthens the argument for Springfield Ma.smiley - cheerssmiley - cheers

Where is springfeild?

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Linkin of the fear dinkums

I'm pretty sure just outside of Christchurch New Zealand

Where is springfeild?

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The clue is there, but hidden.

There are eleven major cities in the USA called Springfield, but only two of them have a neighbouring town called Shelbyville... go ye forth to your atlas/gazeteer and look it up....

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