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Horse with no name

One of the most important inventions of the 19th-20th century is (I think) the dynamo, invented by a Belgian called (?) Gramme.

famous belgians

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Shrimp, keeper of petty nitpicking [(-1+8)x(-2+9-1-0)=42]

Gramme apparently was some sort of Belgian Edison: he also invented the grammophone. Now how many people can say they invented something with their name in it? Edison can't. Heh!smiley - winkeye

famous belgians

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don't forget Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone.

famous belgians

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...and Eddie Merckx, perhaps the greatest racing cyclist of all time, and certainly the hardest to spell.

And Tintin, if he hasn't already been mentioned.

famous belgians

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Loup Dargent

Georges Simenon [the creator of Maigret]?!... he seems to be belgian enough...smiley - biggrin

loupsmiley - fullmoon

famous belgians

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.....not forgetting Jacky Ickx - the equally unspellable six-times winner of the Le Mans 24-hour race.

famous belgians

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How about the great tennis players? I'm British, but I think that Henin-Hardenne, Clijsters and Malisse should be on the list.

famous belgians

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Also it were belgians who invented the jojo and chewing gum, though I don't know the names. God I love Belgium !!!

famous belgians

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Rosa Baggins, (see LOTR appendix Hobbits Family trees for more information)

I do not if he would count but the fictional dective Hercule Poirot and his little grey cells.smiley - smiley


famous belgians

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A Super Furry Animal

The link to the famous Belgians website doesn't seem to be working - is there another link that can be used?

RFsmiley - evilgrin

famous belgians

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Loup Dargent

This one seems to work...


smiley - surfer

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famous belgians

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