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Peer Review: A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Entry: Pizza in America and Beyond - A14660525
Author: Milos - just another "broelan" Arrrrrrr! - U224935

Flea Market rescue, original entry A1079633
First PR thread F127745?thread=286791

It was mentioned there that the former entry should be an update for the current Edited Entry on pizza which is A137657, but I don't think this one should be an update and would like it considered on its own merits.


A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Number Six

Nice one. You've reminded me of A898662 which may be worth a link - I rescued it from the Flea Market, and it was the second thing I ever got through PR...

smiley - mod

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Gnomon - time to move on

I really think that this should be the definitive Entry on pizza, and should replace the existing entry A137657, which is pathetic. But for this to happen, this would have to go into the Update Forum, where it would not get the kudos of appearing on the Front Page. I'll talk to the Eds about it.

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Gnomon - time to move on

I've raised this issue with the Eds at F47997?thread=3521827.

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Gnomon - time to move on

I was surprised to see myself on the author list of this. Thanks for listing me, but all I did was discuss the entry, so I don't think I deserve to be listed as author. I've removed myself.

It's also odd to see Bels listed as author, when he died a number of years ago.smiley - sadface

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Gnomon - time to move on

The Eds are going to think about whether this should be in Peer Review or the Update Forum. In the meantime, we can treat it as any other entry in Peer Review.

Good entry! smiley - ok

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Gnomon - time to move on

"it was a matter of efficiency that food could be eaten without utensils, and the 'plate' it was served on could be eaten as well."

I'm not sure about this. It is normal in Europe to eat pizza with a knife and fork.

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Number Six

I rather like the classic simplicity of the original pizza entry, meself... if it stays and isn't being replaced, then I'd say this one is perfectly befitting of its current title 'as is'. If it's to become the all-in defining one on pizza and go beyond Milos' original brief, however, there'd be one or two things I'd like to add that aren't relevant to the scope entry as things stand at present.

smiley - mod

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Thanks Six smiley - smiley. I'll be adding some links in a few days, that one was on a list of several relevant entries I've found.

And thanks Gnomon, too. I spent my smiley - 2cents in the EF thread, thanks for the link. smiley - ok

I credited all of the participants in the original PR thread that raised a relelvant point that ZF had not addressed in his entry. That included you and Bels, but it's okay if you prefer not to take credit. I know Bels has passed (and is dearly missed), I thought it a fitting tribute that he still has an impact here. If you think it's inappropriate I can remove his name too. He had brought up a point about the requirement for a specific type of oven to be used, which I hadn't been aware of and ZF didn't mention.

Modern pizza may be eaten with a knife and fork, sometimes I do but not always. In my research, as a peasant food it was normally eaten without utensils.

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Gnomon - time to move on

I have no objection to you listing Bels as an author. I just found it strange.

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Opticalillusion- media mynx life would be boring without hiccups

smiley - erm I thought we had an entry on Pizza ... this looks very good though

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Icy North

Great work. smiley - ok The only minor niggle I have is the title. It seems to imply that the US is the home of the pizza, where I'm sure the rest of the world would consider it to be Italy.

smiley - cheers Icy

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Gnomon - time to move on

We have an entry on Pizza, Opti. That's why this conversation starts with a discussion about replacing the existing entry with this one. The Eds have promised to try and revamp the Update process, or at least to discuss it some time this week.

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Well, the title reflects that the bulk of the entry is regarding pizza in America... and then some. In the entry it's pretty clearly stated where it originated.

But the US is the home of pizza. Certainly not where it started, but where it evolved. When most people (who aren't Italian) think of pizza they think of pepperoni and sausage and mushrooms... and well, modern pizza. Italian pizza is pretty much the same as when it was invented, and is protected as being a specifically prepared food.

If this is destined to be *the* pizza entry, then yes, the title will have to be adjusted as well as the scope of the information. But as it stands I think the title accurately describes the content of the entry, which was my intent.

Thanks Icy! smiley - cheers

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Surely there are more comments! I can't know *everything* about pizza. They're still deciding whether this is a new entry or an update, so we've got time... smiley - cheers <-- goes good with pizza, by the way smiley - winkeye

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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pailaway - (an utterly gratuitous link in the evolutionary chain)

Well, here are a few comments, for what their worth:

First - this is an excellent piece of work. smiley - applause

Second - Americans eat about 100 acres of pizza a day smiley - yikes I am slightly embarrassed.

And now, the only nitpick I have:
>>the use of fresh mozzerella cheese made from Indian water buffalo<<
You might append 'milk' to that as I'm pretty sure it's not made from the actual buffalo itself.

Great job smiley - ok

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

Post 17

Rudest Elf

Tasty entry! smiley - smiley

A query or two:

Modern pizza as most people recognise [recognize]

Pizzeria Uno continues to sell Chicago-style pizza nation-wide. [(usually) nationwide]

largest pizza chain world-wide. In 2006 world-wide sales [worldwide (twice)]

in the United States one would be hard pressed [hard-pressed]

For an appetiser top a crust [ For an appetiser, top a crust]

A six- or eight-inch pizza (looks weird...perhaps '6 or 8-inch' /'six or eight-inch')??

and if you're having a party plan on [and, .....party, plan on]

most three- to six-year-olds, (still looks weird...perhaps 'three to six-year-olds')??

"Pre-made crusts are easy to find as well but again, you're better off to start from scratch." [(I don't agree smiley - biggrin If you can find a decent frozen crust, there are several points in favour of home baking: you can use '*exactly* the right combination/quantity of toppings; it is ready to eat and *hot* when you want it (delivered pizzas are frequently tepid, limp and often taste of the cardboard they're packed in); it will be *much* cheaper; you won't have to wait/queue; etc.)]

common to find more uncommon toppings. (more unusual toppings)?

Tomato pie is made opposite of pizza: (in the reverse order to pizza)?

mozzerella cheese made from Indian water buffalo. (buffalo milk.)?

13,386 pizzas to locations nation-wide. [nationwide]

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Gnomon - time to move on

Rudest Elf's comments are good except that it should be "recognise" with an s.

And I admit that six- or eight-inch looks weird, but I don't think there is any alternative.

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

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Why not;

6" or 8"?

This is, after all, how I see most 6 or 8 inch pizzas described on menus. And unless I'm mistaken, even people that use decimalised systems are awre of the way in which pizzas are almost always described in inch sizes.

Unless of course there's some GuideML reasoning or Editing rule to say that's not EG style.

A14660525 - Pizza in America and Beyond

Post 20

Rudest Elf

Thanks for that, Gnomon. I do hope we're not going to have a dictionary fight over 'recognise/recognize', though smiley - biggrin . (Both are possible, but the '-ize' seem to have it.)

Might be worth changing this too: under 'Pan and Deep Dish':-

This is topped with a single layer of toppings (This is covered)?

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