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Rome Style Pizza (plus a VPN correction)

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Here in Australia we have a very popular authentic pizza place that serves gourmet, tradition "Rome Style Pizza" - very long and thin pizza. Normally served by the slice they bake 1.5 meter long (~25cm wide) bases and cut you off a ~13cm slice, or two (i.e. three slices to a quarter pizza).

ref Stuzzico.com.au for more info, and to quote:

"What is Rome style pizza?

One day an Italian baker in Rome decided to offer pizza to his customers. But he did not have the oven used by pizzerias. So he created a long, thin pizza to fit the long rectangular pans he used in his bread ovens. He prepared his dough the night before using low-maltose flour, giving it time to rise and breathe, and then early in the morning baked it slowly.

Not only does this produce a unique light texture with a delicious crispy crust, it also means that Rome style pizza is much healthier because - unlike other pizzerias - no oil is used in the pan."

- And I can vouch, they are fantastic. smiley - cheers

Also, can you correct the hyper-link link you have to The Verace Pizza Napoletana (Association of True Neapolitan Pizza). The link on the page doesn't work and should be simply: http://www.verapizzanapoletana.org/ although this is the "America's" site - the Actual, i.e. official / original Italian organisation is here: http://www.pizzanapoletana.org/ and is a more fitting reference to include in this site (and they do have English translated pages).

Rome Style Pizza (plus a VPN correction)

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Ooooh, that sounds rather good. smiley - drool

Welcome to h2g2, by the way. smiley - smiley

I just thought I'd mention that there is already a Phil on h2g2, so you may wish to change your display name if you don't want to be confused with someone else!

I look forward to seeing you elsewhere on h2g2 - I've left a message for you on your Space that will introduce you to some active places on h2g2.

smiley - fairy

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Rome Style Pizza (plus a VPN correction)

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