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What did I do today?

Well..... I had dinner..... had a snack..... had breakfast..... drank some tea..... all whilst on H2G2..... this seems to be an odd adiction... smiley - sadface Oh well..... Plus I was supposed to wring this bloke about a job... smiley - winkeye Still there's always tomorrow smiley - bigeyes

smiley - fish

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Something I'm getting very good at, although at all the wrong times smiley - winkeye

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Anyone gotta a Job?

Well, after a year and a half of working for my company "Rockwell Collins" I resigned on Monday...

And well.... now have absolutely no idea what to do now......
I think I'm going to go teach kyacking just for a laugh.

Fish out...

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The Fish, In Switzerland

Yes, at this very moment I´m sitting in a Swiss bar typing this...

Tomorrow I´m going up th Jungefraugroke (sp.) a very tall mountain.

On Monday I hit Paris, did the Arch de Triumph (which has the madest give way system EVER. [I still can´t figure out these European keyboards though...] Also did the Louvre and the tower, plus all over the rest of Paris... smiley - smiley

Thursday will be Florence... then Venice... If I find any net connections there I´ll post some more...

Also If anyone want any Swiss army knifes the I´m in the region... smiley - winkeye

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I just Kyaked through the Oracle!

smiley - bigeyes

If your from Reading you'll know what the Oracle is, if not...

Then it's this big shopping center with the river Kennet going through it.

and today me and some friends went on a kyacking trip down the kennet from theale to the Thames... about 7-8 miles. ("kyacking" is another ord for Canoeing)smiley - smiley

The Best bit though was when we got to the Oracle Shopping centre and went straight through the middle of it!smiley - bigeyes There was this band playing by the water, but we resisted the temptation to get them wet...
I've probably gotten abit sunburned aswell, cos it was a scorching day today. But I had fun none the less!

smiley - fish

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