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Press Ganged by Bluebottle...

As I am sat sitting on a ferry across the solent, following a weekend in memory of Peregrin. Bluebottle reminds me of H2G2 and challenges me to attempt a login... several attempts later and I'm in!

We took along the recently published 2nd H2G2 book and read Peregrins short story by his gate and by Alum Bay near the Needles. It was very him!

Now at the end of the weekend, I'm feeling very reflective. Not in the HiVis yellow jacket sense, but the retrospective type...

So, make the most of your friends while you have them! smiley - winkeye
smiley - fish

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2 years on...

...yet again, another brief interlude.
No doubt Bluebottle will despair at me!

More later... smiley - fish

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Sporadic record keeping...

Greetings, and salutations.

Well... some time later on and yet more news...

the 30th of November last year (2010) saw the birth of my 4th daughter (and "probably" last...) smiley - winkeye
She was give the name Lydia with the initials "L.E.A.F."

I have figured out how to log back in to this here site... and will no doubt forget just as quickly... smiley - cool

I do wish you all a wonderous year... and'll be writing again at some point in the future...
smiley - fish

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2 Years later...

Well, news...

On the 16th March at 12:39am! my third daughter "Hannah" was born. B)

Much is the same... somethings have changed....

But the hour is not a sociable one to tell the ins-nd-outs of life..

(It is Bluebottles nagging that has brought me back anyway...)

smiley - fish

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A year and a half...

smiley - smiley

Hello, it would apear a lot has happened since my last posting... my previous prediction of a year a post has slipped by somewhat! smiley - erm
Oh well smiley - shrug.
I have a job Laser Etching parts of formula one cars... I still have a beautiful wife and two georgeous Girls and a House, Motorbike smiley - cool and still goto my church and do the youth group there...
My sister is in Peru where it will be her 30th Birthday tomorrow!!! smiley - cake and she is greatly missed... Still not married her off though smiley - sigh

Well time marches on regardless, and all a can say is "Fish". smiley - fishsmiley - earthsmiley - hsif

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