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Another Fish to the Flock

smiley - fish
That should probably read "school", but what the heck. It sounds better like that.
Anyways, on the 26th of August 2005 at 3:05AM along came our second little . A second girl! smiley - biggrin And named her Beth.

It appears that, with some consistency, I've been posting journal entries about once a year! smiley - cool The fact I've just aquired a new modem may have something to do with this most recent addition, as for the rest...smiley - huh
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Hello again H2G2, smiley - biggrin
smiley - fish
Although it's been a long time since I've said anything here, it struck me whilst reading through the bits and pieces I've written over the past 5 years on this site, that there seems no sign of age or decay to any of it. Almost as if the thoughts I had then are still as relevent now in an odd sort of way... smiley - erm
It's been over two years as a happily married Fish and Salmon, and our little minnow Emma is almost a year old... As i said, whilst our lives trundle on by in an odd sort of way, we still can reflect on what was with no sence of time lapse. I can imagine showing Emma this site in 10 years time, and though the tecnology and format may have changed, the thoughts and ideas will still be as fresh as ever.

Hmmm... very curious...

Well as ever I'm writing when I should be sleeping, so smiley - yawn...

smiley - fishsmiley - zzz

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My little minnow...

Just a quick note to say at 5:59am on Sunday the 7th of September 2003 my little baby girl was born. smiley - biggrin
So... I'm now a Dad!!! smiley - bigeyes

smiley - smiley
smiley - fish

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Dunno if that's how you spell it but it doesn't really matter...

About 4 weeks ago My beloved Salmon had her appendix out... rather fortunately as it was about an hour away from bursting! smiley - yikes
She's fully recovered now, but has a rather large scar to prove it...
My job is going well... Still underpaid and over worked as our window cleaner says, but it currently pays the rent! REally need to start looking for something else, but don't have enough insentive currently...

Got a land line... hense the appearence on H2G2. smiley - biggrin And downloaded and deleted 6 months of e-mails!!! smiley - bigeyes

Hmm... must get more sleep... smiley - zzz

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One day...

...I'll get a phone line in my flat, and drag my laptop there and return to H2G2 a little more... but sadly, I am line less, and very busy with work and things... smiley - winkeye

So... anyway, back to my game of ... smiley - bigeyes

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