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Absense makes the heart beat a little longer.....

Well, I got a job, working as a bicycle mechanic/salesman... which is fun, but very tiring. Which alas, generally means I have a lot less time to devote to H2G2...

Anyway, this is my last week as a singleton, as come Saturday the 13th of July, brings married life... smiley - biggrin

Oh yes, I passed my bike test finally too... got a suit... and got a passport, which should be helpful for the honeymoon... smiley - winkeye

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Not the best of days...

Well.... Wednesday (22nd of May) hasn't been to best day I've even had... smiley - erm

For a start I was scheduled (for the second time) to take my Motorcycle test at 2.30pm... however one thing prevented me from doing this... AGAIN!!! A small inconsiderate, meaningless piece of paper that is otherwise known as a CBT. smiley - grr
It had completely vanished, and neither I, nor my Dad could find it... So THAT was bad enough....

Then after getting back from that, I found that my fish "Sherlock" had died... smiley - cry So now I only have Morse left, and he's got fin rot and white spot... smiley - wah

Hmm... and now my right hand really hurts (the tendons/joints)... maybe I should goto a smiley - doctor..... smiley - erm

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Even weirder occurences...

smiley - huh

I dunno if it's me, but the dream I had the other week; That a neighbour had parked his car in my neighbours garden, has actually now happened... It's the exact car that I drempt was there... and it's in exactly the same way (what happened and how I reacted)... smiley - erm

All very bizarre... Oh well.... maybe the Fish are next... smiley - winkeye

Anyway, StarWars is still great, despite what anyone says... (accept if they commend it too)... and I STILL don't have a job... smiley - sadface And it's now 8 weeks till I get married... Hmmm....

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Star Wars II:Attack Of The Clones

I (along with quite a few hundred others) have been to see the first showing of the second new Star Wars film last night (00:05-02:40 16-05-2002)...

And all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!smiley - wow!!!! smiley - bigeyes
*Bounces off the walls excitedly*

Watching LOADS of Jedi have a battle, then Yoda coming along... then millions of Clone troops fighting droids... then Yoda with a lightsaber!!! smiley - cool

I wont give the plot away, but it was great!!! smiley - biggrin
There was a massive chear at the end, and the audience gave a huge round of applause...

smiley - bigeyes
smiley - wowsmiley - silly
smiley - hsif

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Isn't it odd the things we dream about..... smiley - erm

For instance, I'm SURE I dreamt that someone had parked in my neighbours garden... It was one of those old BMW's.... I "think" it's a neighbours.... but it wasn't "really" there... I just dreampt it, and didn't realise I had, until I "saw" it wasn't there.... smiley - erm
(this is feasible as the garden is next to the road...)
And just last night I'm SURE I drempt about H2G2 smileys! They'd done some VERY cool new ones, including lot's of REALLY great fish... But it's just very odd, cos I VERY rarely dream...... All very bizarre... smiley - smiley

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