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Well, one of theses days...

One of theses days I'll learn to play the guitar...

But I may be some time....

smiley - fish

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Latest reply: Dec 11, 1999

There's a fly on my screen

As I looked up just now, (at half past 4 on Saturday Morning) I saw a very small fruit type fly. It was only about 2mm long and looked very innocent, But I'm convinced it looked at me in a very odd way.
You know the way someone looks at you as if your odd, well it was that sort of thing, but in a small fly sort of way. I must admit that on recieving this rather off-putting glance from the accused, I proceded to attempt to squish him. But fortuantly for him he was quicker, and I missed. So now instead onf a fly, there's a rather smuggy patch in the middle of the screen instead.

smiley - fish

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 Today has been a good day, I don't really know why, it just has. Well ok, so I do know why but I'm not going to tell you! Hehe
My bike didn't break down, for once!
Work went allright.
And my 17" monitor that I paid 20 for is at the PC fixit man. So i should soon be seeing things nice and clearly.

If your of the opinion that I should write something more relivant to SciFi then you write it, All i have to say is:

"Life's a ferret and then you marry one"

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Latest reply: Oct 5, 1999

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