Yes... yes it is.

Dear Sir,

I would like to complain in the strongest possible terms about the quality of 's personal space. I have been there many times, and find it not only dull, but also dusty, and in some places it smelt funny too.

I went there quite by accident, while my Aunt was having another of her "turns". I needed to get out of my personal space, and I went for a walk. To my disgust, I came across 's personal space.

Parts of it were broken, or hanging loose, and when I went there, it was quite clear that had not made any attempt to look after the safety of their page. Not only that but there were four inches of dust, and I'm sure I could see toenail clippings on top off the "Add to Friends" button. I also saw half eaten fish lying around, which were attracting stray cats, rats and the occasional lemming.

I would ask you to do something about 's space at once, maybe you could try cleaning it up, but I think just deleting the whole thing would probably be simpler, safer and better for all.

Yours Sincerly,

Mr Frogget (Lancaster)

Enough of that - on with the usual inane comments that everyone makes on their personal space, designed to make people talk to them

"Never use quotes" - Philip Bond.

Steven surveys his personal area slowly, rubs at a mark on the wall, and brushes some dust under a mat.

If you've come here, that probably means you've made a mistake, or you know me, or maybe both. I don't know, you came here, you tell me why you're here. Come to that why are you here?

More Random Stuff

I've at last begun to learn how to use GuideML and so don't be too worried if I start putting random things as subheadings.

If you've come along, why not say hi? (that's a rhetorical question by the way)

Ways of getting my attention:

Smoke signals (always a good one, remember to abide by EU regulations for fire building though)

Carrier pidgeons

E-Mail: [email protected] Time's are changing, and so is my e-Mail address. If you want to spam me now, please direct your spam to [email protected]

Shout very loud (volume depends on your distance from me)

Or, drop me a message, in this crazy scrolly-boxy-magic thingy below:

This is where your message goes. Right here. In fact, JUST here. Delete what's here first (ie delete this) and then type your own message.
Please don't bother pulling my hair, or kicking me, to get my attention. That rarely works

A fish riding a penny farthing bicycle in front of some upside down verse

A-ha, I managed to get a picture in my area at last... a picture of a blue fish riding a pennyfarthing in front of some upside down writing... makes sense to me

A stupidly random fact: It costs 42p to send a postcard first class to Laos.

42p well spent if you ask me.

What do you call people that come from Laos anyway? Lice? WHAT'S HAPPENED TO MY WRITING?

Steven Ford's Guide to Chewable Acidophilus

Maybe your screen's gone funny and you can't click on the links to the left of this page, maybe your mouse is stuck on the left of the mousepad, but the pointer is on the right of the screen, I don't know. But, whatever the reason you can't click on the list of my guide entries to the right, here they all are again, with a bit of blah about each one

THE DAILYNESS - What is the Dailyness? Is it even a word? 50% of those questions will be answered here...

INTERVIEWS FROM THE DAILYNESS - Eric Coleslaw pulls on his interviewing hat, and goes interviewing.

INTERVIEWED - MIKE MILLS - Eric Coleslaw meets the cravat wearing hero.

INTERVIEWED - STEVEN FORD - Eric Coleslaw comes across Steven Ford, and for want of anything better to do, intervews him.

INTERVIEWED - LANCELOT BAYLIS(S) - Writer, hero, gadet salesman, whatever he has been, Lance has been interviewed by Eric Coleslaw

INTERVIEWED - MARTIN PENNY - Eric Coleslaw overcomes his fear and interviews the "Evil Emperor", or "Topsy", as he's known to his friends.

HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A WARTHOG AND AN ARMCHAIR - Have you ever got ready to sit down in a nice short armchair, only to discover seconds later that it's not an armchair at all, but actually a warthog? After reading this guide entry, you can be sure that this will never happen again... very often.

HOW TO AVOID WALKING INTO LAMPPOSTS - BANG! That is the sound of you colliding into a lamppost. Not very nice, is it? If you don't want that to happen to your nose, experts1 recomend reading this NOW!

ON THE PROBLEMS OF DOMESTICATING LEMURS - Lemurs are difficult animals, especially to domesticate. That's pretty obvious, but just why are they so hard to domesticate? If you're hoping for an indepth phsycological study of the brain of the lemur, this isn't the place to go.

THAT'S NOT A PENGUIN - Maybe that's a phrase that you often hear. The question is, does it really serve any usful purpose in the english language?3 An indepth analysis of that four word phrase, can be found here.


THE LORD MIKE SAGA by MIKE ZIGROSI - A saga like no other. Tales of adventure, courage, cunning, and one man and his cravat:

Lord Mike and the Guide Entry | 101 Fumigations | For Stake and Kidney Pies Only | Albino Royale | Mike Mills: Unbound 1 | SPOILA! | Mike Mills - USA | Casino Raele | Time and the Barney: Episode 1 - Episode 2 | List of Adventures | Quote Directory |


Click here to go to my page seen through 360 | Alabaster | Brunel | Plain | Goo

Click here to see all my conversations at once this is more for my benifit than anyone elses, but you can click on it if you really want.

Visit the fact dispensing extravangaza that is: The Dailyness. Ouch, make the world stop spinning...

Last and Least... the "42 thing"

My researcher number: 207229

How to make 42: 7 x (2+2+2) = 42

1Notice, I didn't say experts in what...22There's something very addictive about these footnotes, once you start, it's very difficult to stop...3No


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